What is the Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Education?

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The covid 19 pandemics have resulted in a global education crisis. For over a year now schools & educational institutions have been shut down around the world. Although there was a brief period of reprieve. Schools were again promptly shut down after the second wave of the virus hit the country. As a result, schools and other educational institutes were forced to shift in some way or another to online learning. 

The Status Of School Closures 

According to UNICEF In the period between March 11, 2020, and February 2, 2021, schools have been closed for an average of 95 instruction days globally, which is almost half the time intended for the classroom. In a separate UNESCO report, it had mentioned that more than 90% of the total world’s student population was affected due to lockdown during mid-April 2020 which is now reduced to nearly 67% during June 2020. 

Latin America and the Caribbean countries were the most affected with an average of 158 days of full school closures, followed by countries in South Asia with 146 days. The Eastern and Southern African nations were the third most affected with an average of 101 days. In India, more than 286 million students have suffered due to partial or full school closures. 

Disruptions in education due to the pandemic

According to UNICEF, It is estimated that over 214 million students from pre-primary to upper secondary education in 23 countries have missed at least three-quarters of classroom instruction time at the pre-primary to upper secondary level since March 2020. 

Of these 214 million students, 168 million in 14 countries missed almost all classroom instruction time due to school closures. On average, in countries where schools were still closed as of February 2, 2021, nearly 80 percent of classroom instruction has been missed in the eleven months since March 2020.

The uncertainty of the current education crisis is causing immense anxiety among teachers, students, and parents. Many educational boards including CBSE decided to cancel their board exam and assess students based on internal assignments and objective criteria. 

This Pandemic showed that the Internet is indispensable.

The year 2020-21 We were forced to maintain physical distance between us but we came closer than ever online. It heralded unprecedented e-learning. Here in Ahmedabad international school, we adapted to this change. And are using the internet and technology to impart education to our students at the safe confinements of their home. Being one of the top CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad we always strive to provide the best education under any given scenario. 

The educators use the internet to share student’s assignments, present lectures, and conduct regular classes via Apps like Zoom, Google-meet, etc. There are WhatsApp groups of guardians, teachers, and students for effective communication. In many cases, institutes were compelled to even conduct graduation examinations online which are otherwise conducted physically.

Consequences of Prolonged School Closer 

Some of the consequences of prolonged school closer are 

  • Not all students will be able to access online classes due to unreliable internet.
  • Social interaction with peers is also lost when children are confined to homes resulting in a lack of social skills and The overall growth and development of the student
  • With easy access to digital media devices, students may get distracted from their actual studies.
  • Exposure to screens for a long period, technical difficulties, an intense requirement for self-learning, reduced interaction with teachers, are other concerns.

Ensuring a safe online environment for The Students

At Ahmedabad international school we conduct virtual programs like world environment day to keep the students engaged. Our assignments are designed to ensure the students interact with each other and the teachers in a positive environment. For us, the medium of education may have changed but the purpose remains the same, to impart virtue and wisdom via knowledge to our students. 

Reopening of Schools and other Educational Institutes

The schools remain closed due to the onslaught of the second COVID-19 virus wave. It is unclear as to when it will be safe again for students to come to school. We are eager to again open our doors to our students and welcome them back to the place they belong. 

In the coming months with a decrease in daily cases of infection, we may assume that day will come soon. And we will adopt every possible preventive measure and ensure a safe environment for our students to learn and grow. Till then let us draw on the lessons learned during these tough times and reflect upon them to create a better future for ourselves.

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