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What do conflicts in a man’s relationship lead to?

Written by Hasem

Not always everything is good in the relationship between a man and a woman. In any relationship, sometimes conflicts can occur, because the mood, thoughts and desires of partners may not coincide. The causes of conflicts between a man and a woman can be varied, but basically they can be reduced to 10 main points.

If you objectively consider the issue, it becomes clear that the partners swear according to the same scenario. In this article, let’s look at the most common reasons why partners fight. Any person at least once, but faced these situations.


In modern society, many people are faced with money problems. Previously, this issue was not so acute, therefore, it was less likely to cause quarrels. Today, a man may well reproach a woman for being on his support. A woman, by the way, also has such a right. A person who earns often thinks that his “half” spends too much, often buys unnecessary things or simply wastes money. At the same time, the second partner is confident that he is spending money rationally, and believes that the second could earn even more. Hence, conflicts and misunderstandings arise.

Opposing opinions

If one partner does not want to accept the position of the other and treat it with respect, then this necessarily becomes the cause of the conflict. One partner tries to win the other over to his side, bringing the relationship to a break in the event that this does not work out. It turns out that both partners understand each other’s positions, only they are not ready to accept them or come to a compromise. Surprisingly, a couple can quarrel even because of opposing political views.

Everyday life

Many situations that provoke conflicts are related to everyday issues. Such conflicts can arise in every family, while neither material well-being, nor social status, nor other moments matter. The options for conflict are many, ranging from socks scattered around the house and loose tubes of toothpaste.

Lack of support

If a person decides to share a problem with his partner, he naturally expects support and understanding from the second. When you talk about a problem with your boss, you expect that the other half will definitely support you and take your side. But when a partner shows open indifference or begins to criticize, of course, the person is upset. Gradually, this situation leads to a conflict and a showdown.


Often a choice arises between partners, for example, where it is better to spend a vacation, where to start renovating an apartment, etc. If two partners cannot come to a unanimous or compromise decision, then quarrels and long-term showdowns arise. As a result, the problems are never resolved, and the struggle between partners is only heating up.


Everyone understands perfectly well that parents are not chosen. People often think about this when they have to listen to their moral teachings. If this happens not with the parent’s parents, but with the parents of the partner, then it can be difficult to convince yourself not to break down. True, more often the parents of the “half” do not speak out, but a quarrel with a partner takes on a strong foundation, because you have to break on someone.


If two partners cannot find harmony in sexual relations, then discord in the family is guaranteed. Most often, sexual attraction in men arises situationally, often it does not coincide with the willingness of a woman. This situation does not suit both partners. It happens, and vice versa: a woman has a desire, but a man does not smell it. In such cases, the woman begins to suspect the man of treason.

Bear services

As the famous proverb says, good intentions can end very badly. Therefore, in order to avoid conflict, you should be careful and coordinate your actions in advance, otherwise the person’s reaction can be very unexpected. Here’s a specific example: you decided to clean your partner’s aquarium while he was not at home, only in response you heard some reproaches. It turns out that the partner specially bought a new grotto and plants for his fish, so he wanted to do this process on his own.


Often it is the authority of friends that plays a big role. Friends can influence a person so much that he becomes uncontrollable. For example, a guy, under the persuasion of his friends, decided to go to a nightclub, without even warning his girlfriend. Or the girl, having listened to the advice of a friend, decided to check her boyfriend’s phone. Both in the first and in the second case there will be a conflict.

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