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What Are The Different Types of Professional Recording Microphones?

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With great improvements in digital recording technology, it is easy to put your music to proverbial tape. If you have the right professional recording microphone, an audio interface and audio production software installed on your computer, you can do it very easily at home. A recording microphone is the basic equipment you need. So, in this article, you will learn about the different types of professional recording microphones.

Different Types of Recording Microphones:

Microphones of different types are created differently. Different microphones use different technologies. This is the reason why you find microphones with vastly different audio recording qualities. To buy one that can meet your needs, you need to learn about different types of professional recording microphones.
Following are the three types of recording microphones commonly used by professionals:

  • Dynamic Microphones
  • Condenser Microphones
  • Ribbon Microphones

Dynamic Microphones :

These versatile microphones with simple and sturdy design come in a range of levels of quality and prices. You can buy some dynamic microphones at $20. On the other hand, if you want to buy a high-end dynamic recording microphone, you will find a $500 mark on it. There is a huge difference between the audio quality of a cheap model and the audio quality of an expensive model. However, the technology used in cheap and expensive model is more or less the same.

A dynamic microphone is essentially a mini loudspeaker working in reverse. A speaker converts electrical signals into sound. On the other hand, a dynamic microphone converts sound waves to electricity. These mics can take abuse. Buy a professional recording microphone of this type if you want durability and longevity. You can use this mic for recording sounds from drums and electric guitar amps.

Condenser Microphones:

A condenser microphone is more complex than a dynamic microphone. It produces a stronger audio signal. It is more sensitive and responsive as compared to dynamic microphones. Choose this mic to record the subtle sounds of acoustic instruments. You might need to make sure to feed these type of mics with 48V or “phantom power” supply. If you want to use this in your home studio, keep in mind that you need extra hardware. As the technology used in these mics is complex, if you drop it accidentally, you may not be able to use it again. And, it is more expensive than a dynamic microphone. So, you have to handle it with care. Invest in a dynamic microphone in case you need something heavy-duty.

Ribbon Microphone:

Technically, a ribbon recording microphone is a dynamic microphone. Both ribbon and dynamic types of recording microphones have the same internal mechanism. However, a dynamic microphone uses a wire coil and a ribbon microphone uses a ribbon or a thin metal conductor. Sound waves make this ribbon or metal conductor vibrate. Ribbon mics are very fragile and also hard to find. Ribbon microphones are known to be the most expensive microphones. As it has a thin metal conductor, exposing it to a phantom power source or a blast of air from a bass drum can cause damage to the equipment.

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