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Ways to use the AI-powered Tool for Increasing Sales in the Magento Store

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eCommerce has become one of the major ways for shoppers across the world to make their purchases. Instead of walking into stores and spending hours there, customers are choosing to buy products online from the comfort of their couch. This change in shopping trends has motivated almost every merchant across the world to take their shops online through eCommerce stores and expand their businesses beyond the brick store. As a result, a customer has a variety of options today to shop from without the requirement to step outside.

However, this change has created stiff competition between online retailers. As with the rise in a number of online stores, they need to ensure that they are always at the top of the market. To achieve this, the merchants have to keep adapting new technologies for ensuring they provide the best user experience.

Recently, to aid merchants in improvising their user’s experience Magento has provided AI-driven features to them. The merchants can easily induce these features in their online store with the help of a Magento development agency to open up the gateways to higher sales and profits.

Why use AI in eCommerce?

Although AI has been a very hyped up topic in the world of tech, one needs to be tactful in using it in their eCommerce business. Merchants can include AI-based tools in their online store to experience the bliss of this new technology. Because with AI-based tools they can personalize their user’s experience to a great extent and understand their preferences on a deeper level as well. This can easily aid them in increasing their sales and making profits through their online stores.

Ways to use AI in an eCommerce store for increasing sales

There are a number of ways for a merchant to include AI in their online store. However, one of the major ways to do it is via the plugins and backend tools. With the use of plugins, you can easily add AI functionalities on your website according to your requirements. Further, when implemented in a properly planned way, these tools can improvise the experience of the users to a great extent and aid them in making the best out of their shopping experience with your brand. Below is a list of ways you can use AI in your eCommerce stores to aid your users in having a unique shopping experience:

1.Chatbots: Chatbots are one of the best AI-driven tools to include in your online store. As these could act as a virtual assistant for your consumers and can easily aid them in looking for products they desire. This not only makes your site easy to navigate for visitors it also makes your brand look more interactive, which is a guaranteed way to increase sales.

2.Personalized Recommendations: Every customer has different purchase habits. For example, a certain person would only visit your site because they are buying products of a certain category or price range. With AI you can easily tap into these habits and create personalized recommendations for them. This will make their shopping experience unique and personal, which is a perfect way to gain higher sales.

3.Voice Commands: Voice commands are yet another amazing way to make your brand look attractive and more interactive. Providing your users the choice of navigating your site through a voice assistant can be a great option to increase your sales and user’s experience. Because voice assistant can aid in providing faster and more accurate results.


AI can be included in the online stores in a number of ways to improvise user’s shopping experience. If you are also planning to step up your user’s experience with your brand adapt to the tools mentioned above. These tools can easily improve your user’s experience and open up the gateways for higher sales.

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