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RAISING CANE’S CHICKEN FINGERS was established in Baton Rouge, La., in 1996 and had nearly 500 restaurants in 27 states and five countries. The company has ONE LOVE® — high-quality finger chicken meals — and its unique business model and customer satisfaction are always recognized. Raising Cane aims to grow restaurants, serving customers worldwide, and become the brand for finger food, a fantastic crew, relaxed culture, and active community involvement.



Raising Cane’s Prices

Cane’s Chicken fingers have now exceeded $1.5 billion in annual sales – tripling in size over the past four years and more than doubling their team to 25,000 – while serving a billion quality chicken finger meals. The Raising cane’s prices are also quite reasonable. The company and its restaurant leaders also participate actively in each of its local communities, providing more than 20,000 organizations with almost 50 million dollars over the same period.

With its 500th restaurant about to be opened, the fastest-growing restaurant concept with sales of more than $1 billion shows no signs of a decline.

Building on his firmly entrenched philosophy of respect, reward, and recognition last week of his crew, Raising Cane’s has evolved significantly towards its leadership in the industry – the new Restaurant Partner Programme.

The program, announced by our Founder, Owner & Co-CEO, Co-CEO & COO, sets the stage for Restaurant Managers of Raising Cane and others to achieve an unbeatable level of compensation and quality of life in this restaurant business. Commercial buy-in is typically required in most of the utmost restaurant industry partnership programs. Still, the Raising Cane’s Restaurant partner program invites excellent restaurant leaders, both within the restaurant and as community leaders, to invest in hard work and stellar performance.

 The program covers four primary areas of focus:

●        Education, development, and training in the best-in-class; Best in Business Support Structure providing experts to support every market restaurant leader such as marketer leaders, training leaders, facility managers, recruitment managers and further operational leadership within Business Unit teams;

●        Best in the business support structure; a holistic wellness approach, including support for health and financial planning;

●         Industry-leading compensation programs, including the grassroots salary and bonus to exceed $100,000 each year and incentives for business development that accumulate a net of over $1 million over 15 years.

 In addition to its many other recognitions, Cane is the only company in every category named “Top Places to Work” for the Dallas Morning News throughout its 11-year history.

“We’ve done our research, and we’ve done mapping out this plan with compensation experts for more than a year,” said Kumaran. “This program is, without doubt, the wealthiest compensation plan for frontline operators across the entire restaurant business. It represents the entrepreneurial vision. During your first job, you can accompany us and grow in our business, being entirely supported, from education and training to healthcare and financial planning.

“At Cane’s, it all starts with our culture that is rooted in appreciation,” Graves said. “I appreciate our crew working hard to look after the customers who spend their hard-earned money in our restaurants. We also appreciate the support that our communities give us. We are excited to bring our business to the next level as we keep developing in the right direction.

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