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The Trend For Sustainable Clothing

Written by MariaJordan

Sustainable clothing is a political act and movement dedicated to promoting sustainable change in the clothing industry and fashion practices towards greater social justice and environmental integrity. The term sustainable clothing usually refers to textile products that are manufactured with a greater degree of care given to their use, both in production and consumption. Sustainable fashion also concerns itself more with issues of waste, as well as the environment, than with the actual materials used in production. In this way sustainable clothing is similar to eco fashion, it is an offshoot of eco fashion.

How does sustainable fashion differ from eco fashion?

Eco fashion generally favors organic, green products over conventional, non-organic clothing items. The ethical fashion industry, on the other hand, is more concerned about Fair Trade products that have been produced using the most natural and safest resources. In this sense both eco and ethical fashion can be considered to be part of the same movement.

However, eco and sustainable clothing can be distinguished from one another in terms of their environmental impact. The label sustainable clothing usually refers to clothes that are sold in consignment shops and online at reduced prices, with a certain amount of ‘waste’ going into the environment. Ethical fashion, by contrast, places greater emphasis on purchasing items that have a positive environmental impact.

How are clothing producers able to demonstrate sustainable clothing production?

At the basic level, all clothing that is produced for personal use needs to have its origins in a sustainable production process. From start to finish, this means using renewable energy sources, harvesting trees that are not deforested, and using materials that are bio-degradable, or ones that are recyclable, such as food bags and plastic bags. In addition to these practices, ethical clothing promotes better manufacturing processes by minimizing the amount of water, energy, and chemicals used during production. As a result, the finished product has a much smaller environmental footprint than traditional production methods.

So how do you know if a particular item of clothing is sustainable?

The easiest way to be sure that a brand is committed to sustainable fashion production is to look for the logo on their website. If a major label does not have an end symbol on their site, then look elsewhere. Similarly, it’s best to buy organic clothing in bulk to help reduce waste at the same time as making positive changes to the environment. For those looking to buy sustainably, it’s also important to consider Fair Trade brand names – these give customers the chance to purchase fair trade goods and contribute towards a more sustainable world.

There are many sustainable clothing options available. Clothes produced by ethical and eco-friendly companies are often very comfortable and beautiful, and come at a great value. It is possible to find brands producing sustainable clothing that are cutting edge, offering cutting-edge design and quality as well as great fashion. It is possible to be stylish and green all at the same time, and this type of clothing is becoming increasingly popular amongst everyone from celebrities to ordinary people. The trend towards buying sustainable clothing has become more popular in recent years, with retailers moving away from damaging environmentally unfriendly production methods and looking towards organic, sustainable production methods.

Many consumers will choose sustainable clothing in order to promote environmentalism and to improve their own lives and the world around them. By choosing ethically friendly products you can also help to protect the world, and to ensure that future generations have a better chance of living in a sustainable and environmentally friendly world. With the popularity of these types of clothing rising, there are now many different options available. People are no longer restricted to only buying one kind of environmentally friendly clothing – there is an incredible range available, meaning that consumers can choose from a wide range of environmentally friendly alternatives.

There is no doubt that consumers will look for more sustainable clothing options in the future. The fact that the demand for sustainable clothing is growing shows that society and businesses are realizing the benefits of being environmentally friendly. As demand increases, so does the options available. The next few years are likely to see a further increase in sustainable clothing choice. With the increased awareness of the need to improve the environment, and a greater number of businesses and companies choosing to be environmentally friendly, it looks as if the future of sustainable clothing is here.

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