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The Budwig Protocol for Cancer

budwig protocol for cancer
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The Budwig Diet or popularly known as the Budwig protocol is a well designed dieting plan which was originally created to help cancer patients with their treatment. When a person gets diagnosed by cancer they think of doing everything in power to get rid of it. They try all kind of therapies and treatments in order to get it treated and some do actually work while some don’t. People often look for alternatives and different types of therapies which can help in curing; these also include traditional treatments such as chemotherapy.

One of most successful complementary therapy that is very effective is the Budwig protocol for cancer. The Budwig diet basically adds an increased amount of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese in the diet of the person while keeping the processed foods and animal fats as far as possible. The Budwig protocol involves a healthy amount of flaxseed oil along with cottage cheese or even yogurt. It also comprises of fruits and vegetables which help in restoring the balance of the body. The creator of the Budwig protocol for cancer was Dr. Johanna Budwig who believed that having a balanced diet high in polyunsaturated fat is extremely important. Getting this polyunsaturated fat through specific sources would not only help in cure but also help in reduction of further expansion.

The Budwig diet along with eating a combined mixture of various servings of flaxseed oils and cottage cheese, people following the diet should also eat the following foods: fruits, vegetables, edibles which are extremely high on fibre. Apart from these, people should also avoid eating certain foods which include meats (especially processed meat), sugar, oil, butter, margarine or any other form of oils. The creator of the protocol Dr Budwig also recommended spending more time while exposing skin to the sun as much as they can which can help in getting Vitamin D for their bodies.

Utopia Wellness Centre is one such place which is renowned to provide the utmost treatment and care to all its patients. And one integral part of their care and program is the diet which the patients have to follow. Preparing a good diet plan during cancer won’t just only help in providing the necessary nutrients but also help in killing off the existing cancer cells. Though a good diet plan makes sure that you heal properly a bad diet can help in feeding the cancer cells making them stronger. This makes the diet during the treatment extremely important and vital because of which at Utopia Wellness they follow Budwig diet.

Utopia Wellness also has an exclusive tie up with the original Budwig protocol centre which is located in Malaga, Spain. Dr. Lloyd Jenkins who is a renowned naturopath and is the owner of Budwig protocol centre in Malaga has also endorsed the wellness centre as an approved collaboration in the United States. He also paid a visit to the centre last year to give the patients a demonstration about the Budwig protocol for cancer.

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