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Target Look Like Audience on Facebook to Amplify Marketing Efforts

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Do you use social media, especially Facebook to amplify your marketing efforts to reach more people?

There is no doubt in the fact that social media offers far better reach towards a wide spectrum of prospective customers.

Most importantly, platforms like Facebook offer a high conversion rate.

On average, Facebook offers 9.21% of the conversion rate using diverse marketing efforts.

Still, several enterprises fail to utilize the myriad of features of the platform to bring a little tweak to their ad campaigns.

You can utilize the benefit of the Facebook lookalike audience is one such hidden feature to get more engagement and conversions.

For information, a lookalike audience is basically to reach a new set of people on Facebook. This section of the audience might be interested in your products/service. And, you divide your attention towards such a spectrum of customers along with the existing ones.

Now, the question is how Facebook lookalike audience helps you achieve your digital marketing services goals & increase ROI?

This is what, we are going to witness in this blog, by dividing our discussion into the following few parts.

* Key Advantages of Using Facebook Lookalike Audience

* How to Create a Lookalike Audience?

* Popular Use Cases to Refer

So, without much waiting, let’s get starting on this.

Benefits of Investing Time & Money on Lookalike Audience

Till now, you must be getting an idea of what does lookalike audience on Facebook looks like. Next is to know the real-time advantages of reaching the same.

  1. Improved Results of Ad Campaigns: In general, when you target random people on Facebook for marketing products/services. There are fewer chances of hitting the right target and missing the bright spot. As a result, all your ad money gets wasted. On the contrary, if you target a lookalike audience, then though less but still have chances of receiving conversions. That too, without exhausting all your ad campaign money.
  2. Self-Adjusting the Audience Size: You have the liberty to filter out the audience that appears lookalike to your existing customer base. It could be on the basis of interest, demographics, age, or any other thing. If you do this, you will be able to specify your audience type which is more interested in buying your products.
  3. Enhanced ROI: Since the end goal is to get a better return on investment, no matter which digital marketing strategy you follow. Another benefit of a lookalike audience on Facebook is to connect with prime customers to get at least some conversion which is better than nothing.

Step-by-Step Process to Create Lookalike Audience on Facebook

Creating a lookalike audience on your enterprise Facebook platform is not a hard task. All you need is to follow few steps and get ready to receive maximum conversions.

* First go to your “Audience Section”

* Select a Lookalike Audience from the Create Audience drop-down menu

* Select the source

* Choose the counter or countries as per your requirements

* Using the slider, select the appropriate audience size

* Create the audience by clicking on Create Audience Button

And, you are got to go.

Get to Know the Popular Use Case of Lookalike Audience

There are not one but several types of lookalike audience to choose from. It all depends on your enterprise needs and the interest of the people.

Here, we have different types of Facebook lookalike audiences.

  1. Video-Based Audience

This type of Facebook audience is more interested in looking at videos and make their purchasing decisions accordingly.

In case, the video-based audience percentage is more than 75%, then it is your targeted lookalike audience. They will likely be interested more in your product/services ads videos. You may qualify for prospective leads from such sort of customers.

  1. Value-Based Audience

Value-based is one of the new types of audience. They are more likely to showcase trust value and long-term relations with the brand.  By using, arbitrary value and Facebook’s algorithms, you can find your value-based audience to be added in your lookalike audience funnel.

  1. Conversion Audience

As the name implies, if your brand falls under this category of audience, then you will surely get a double conversion rate. This section of the audience is more inclined towards sure-shot conversion.

  1. Email List-Wise Audience

If your marketing strategy builds up around first fetching an audience to be a part of your email list & then converted, then this audience is for you. Here, you will find a new list of people happy to be a part of your email subscription list and receive regular marketing emails.


Giving much emphasis to lookalike audiences on Facebook will boost conversion for your brand. It is because you reach out to interested users and leave behind the random choosing philosophy.

Social media marketing strategies can never be the same and keeps on changing with time. So, it is better to have the support of trending and the best digital marketing agency in India to reach organizational goals.

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