Some of the Top Categories of Industrial Bolts and Their Characteristics

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Industrial fasteners made and supplied by the top screws and bolt manufacturing companies in India are comprehensively used in almost all types of industries. Be it nuts, bolts, hinges, studs, handles, knobs, flanges, rivets, or screws, all are called fasteners in mechanical language and their function is primarily the same – joining or appending two or more parts together. However, the difference in their size, shape and the material used to make are what affect their overall quality, service life, and performance in a particular industrial application.

Some of the major allied products used in the process of industrial fastening

All these tools are mechanical, and even a layman can be considered to be familiar to them. Apart from the basics, all the industrial fasteners need some allied products or items to carry out a particular job in a particular application. Some of the major allied products made and supplied by the top screws and weld bolt manufacturers include the following:


  • Adjustable levers
  • Eyebolts, rod ends, and strap clamps
  • Thread repair kits, thread lockers
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Materials used in the welding process
  • Gaskets, seals, sockets, washers, and stampings
  • Spacers, standoffs, and springs
  • Pins (spring, cotter, slotted, dowel, coiled, grooved)
  • U-clips, U-nuts, J-nuts, twin nuts, flat nuts, and ring clips.


Industrial bolts made and supplied by the top screws and bolt manufacturing companies in India are considered to be the most versatile structural fasteners. They are available in a wide range of specific configurations to meet strength as well as material requirements. Differing in thread specifications, the shape of the head, and length, each bolt is used to perform a different function in an industrial application. Each bolt needs a typical drilled hole along with a complimentary nut to serve a specific purpose.

Some of the top categories of industrial bolts include the following:

 Carriage bolts 

Made and supplied by the top standard and weld bolt manufacturers, carriage bolts structurally come with a domed head and a square underside to prevent any kind of turning after they are used in a particular industrial application.


  • Flange bolts

Flange bolts fall under the category of highly specialized industrial fasteners that have an integrated flange in them acting as washer components.


  • Plow bolts

Just like carriage bolts, plow bolts manufactured and supplied by the leading bolt manufacturing companies in India come with a square-shaped countersunk top. These bolts are most suitable for heavy-duty applications in diverse industries.


  • Hex head bolts/ Hex Head Cap Screw

Hex head bolts/ Hex Head Cap Screws come with a hexagonal head shape and often need a specific wrench for an effective and efficient installation. With availability in a wide range of threading and lengths, the bolts offer tighter tolerances in an industrial application.

Concluding Note

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