Simple Yet Effective Tricks to Earn Money This IPL

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In India, where cricket is almost a religion, the Indian Premier League is bound to be a rage. And what a rage has it been from its first season in 2008! High-octane performance, nail-biting finishes, splendid hat-tricks – you name it and IPL has it. Do you know what else it has for you? Well, the opportunity to make some fine bucks! So, if that sounds exciting to you, read on to know more.  

How to earn some bucks in the IPL? 

For a nation that is as cricket-crazy as we are, IPL is nothing short of an annual cricketing festival. It has been a sure hit from the first season when people were intrigued by the idea of national and international players coming together and playing with and against each other. And in all the seasons that have followed, people have become diehard fans of the tournament. So, while you enjoy those exciting matches, here’s how you can make money on the sidelines. 

Memes, websites, and blogs 

Social media is that one place where the entertainment never runs out. Users and cricket fans are glued to their devices, and always on the lookout for sneaking into the lives of the famous people. Of course, our hot IPL players aren’t an exception to the rule.  

Who can forget that debacle on Koffee with Karan with Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul? The meme series that it started was simply hilarious. So, you can swoop in this scenario, and cash in on the ongoing online humor. Memes can be a sure way to make some money at the time of IPL if you are creative enough to start a viral trend on your social media. 

The other option you have is to write or blog about IPL. You can share interesting trivia, facts and betting strategies about the games going on or the players participating. So, the fans are keen on getting to know more about the players. If you can keep blogging new information, it would make your blogs enjoyable to the cricket fans. 

There are plenty of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where the masses consume your content. In case they love it, you get to make more of that and finally, monetize it. 

Make money through fantasy leagues 

An IPL fantasy league is the one where you get to make your team with the players from the ongoing IPL season. Meanwhile, the way these players perform in the actual matches get you monetary rewards through a system of points earned. Thus, if you can make a better team, you will get bigger rewards.  

The IPL fantasy league lets you make a fortune simply by selecting your players wisely. At present, there are multiple such fantasy leagues available online and through app stores. 

Start investing in IPL-related merchandise 

India loves cricket, and this is something that becomes way too evident during any ODI, T20, or IPL live match. You have the perfect opportunity to cash in on this cricket craze. All you need to do is make and sell some popular IPL merchandise like bats, caps, and jersey replicas. Get quirky quotes and team slogans on diaries, mugs, tees, and so on. Keep in mind that there is a high-functioning wholesale market out there during IPL where this merchandise can be bought and sold at retail prices. 

Turn an organizer for hyperlocal tournaments 

If you can find local sponsors from your society or community, you get to organize hyperlocal IPL tournaments. There are hyped up cricket enthusiasts in every community, and IPL brings out the cricket-crazy side of them. Make the best use of this side of the fans to encourage them to participate. 

It is fun to watch your neighbors and friends sweat it out during your very own IPL. The fact that you get to earn quick bucks is like an added bonus to this IPL live match that you have organized. 

Organize IPL screenings and earn money 

Don’t you just love to go to cricket or football screenings organized on top of bars or popular cafes. How about organizing almost the same thing for others this season. If you can rent the community hall in your locality or even just a big school playground, organizing an IPL match screening would not be too difficult. 

Watching a live screening is fun where there is an eager crowd and some comfort food to go around. In fact, how about arranging happy hours with simple snacks and local drinks. Keep the ticket prices on the affordable side, and people would love to visit your IPL screening. 

We would say buying an IPL team is also a good way to earn money, but that is something for the millionaires. However, as you can note from the simple ideas given above that you don’t need to be a millionaire to earn money from IPL.  

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