Significance of E-Commerce Checkout Button Powered by Blockchain

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Just an online payment button turns any random website into an e-commerce portal. Once people become able to send your money in return for products or services online, consider your eCommerce business executed. However, online businesses are expendable globally so you have to deal in multiple currencies. Not only physically existing currency but virtual currency acceptance has also become crucial. This is the emerging era of blockchain-powered cryptocurrencies. Gradually, all countries have started giving legal acceptance for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you should have to prepare your online portal for the future. there must be already multiple payment acceptance buttons present on your website i.e. card payment, PayPal or Stripe. Apart from these, there will be enough space to add a new button for accepting cryptocurrencies. We will explain why you should adopt this technology as soon as possible. 

Why your E-Commerce portal need a cryptocurrency acceptance button

The number of eCommerce checkout buttons also plays a significant role in increasing your revenue. Adding a cryptocurrency acceptance button will help your online business in various ways as we are mentioning below:-


  • Accommodating the increasing number of crypto money users


The number of cryptocurrency users is increasing day by day throughout the world. You must be approached by some potential customers who are ready to pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency. In order to handle those orders and stay ahead among competitors, you need to install dynamic checkout buttons for cryptocurrency. 


  • Ensuring the highest security measures


if you compare the existing cybersecurity measures, nothing can beat the credibility of blockchain. It is seen that the best SSL security layers also fails to provide adequate security against cybersecurity threats. Anything you receive through a blockchain-powered payment acceptance button will remain encrypted without the possibility of manipulation or removal. Moreover, blockchain checkout buttons also ensure the best possible transparency. 


  • Fastest payment gateway


When it comes to the speed of transactions execution, blockchain again beats the conventional modes of monetary transactions. Currently, cryptocurrencies takes less than 1 hour for executing the transaction whereas you need at least one day through forex. 


  • Negligible transaction charges


As compared to the conventional banking system, blockchain in walls negligible amount of transaction charges. They will not affect your revenue margin. On the other hand, your banking institutions and digital wallet companies like paypal have charges of around 4%. 

Now you must be thinking how to create a checkout button for my store powered by blockchain security. Here we have a solution. 

How to install a payment acceptance button supporting cryptocurrency

Just like their conventional payment acceptance buttons of PayPal and stripe, some companies also provide cryptocurrency payment acceptance buttons. They are easy to embed with any website for web application with just a small HTML code. A web developer having basic knowledge of website designing and development can embed this code to your official website so that it can work as a fully E-Commerce portal. 

Maybe you will get less cryptocurrency transaction requests initially but it will definitely increase with time. Cryptocurrency is the future of virtual transactions because of its fast and secure working mechanism. If you want to stay ahead in the market competition, adopt the futuristic approach of cryptocurrency checkout buttons. 

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