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Questions Every Renter Should Ask The Landlord Before Moving

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When you search for RiNo apartments in Denver, many landlords will be keen on interviewing you to see whether you will fit in with other tenants or not. This is the perfect time to interview them about how suitable their building is for you. You can also ask them about the apartment while you tour it to verify whether it matches its online description or not. Some questions you need to ask include what’s included in the rent, what’s the late fee policy and more. If you aren’t sure what you should ask the landlord, then here are a few questions you should consider. 

What To Ask When Searching For Apts For Rent

What’s Included In The Rent?

Some landlords include utility fees for electricity, water, WiFi, etc, in the rent while others expect tenants to pay for them separately. Find out what’s included in the rent so that you can negotiate based on your budget.

How Do I Apply And What’s The Screening Process?

While the documents you need to submit are usually similar, landlords in different RiNo apartments in Denver may follow different application and screening processes. You should find out about the landlord’s criteria, application fees, etc. before applying.

Are There Any Non-Refundable Fees?

State laws may or may not allow landlords to charge non-refundable fees for some amenities. Find out about such laws and ask the landlord about such fees. 

What’s Your Guest Policy?

A landlord may prefer tenants who don’t invite guests often over those who do. Ask them about how many, when, how often and how many times you can invite guests. 

What Is Your Pet Policy?

If you are a pet owner, then you need to find out about what pet breeds are allowed, pet deposits, amenities and other conditions. Landlords that don’t allow pets may make exceptions on a case by case basis.

What Is Your Late Fee Policy?

Most apts for rent in Denver charge late fees if you pay your rent late. Make sure that it doesn’t exceed the state limit. In many cases, paying late multiple times could lead to lease termination.

Do You Allow Early Lease Termination?

You may need to relocate on short notice due to various reasons like a job change, so you should avoid landlords who don’t allow early lease terminations. Most landlords allow it in exchange for rent worth 2-3 months or paying rent until a suitable tenant is found. 

Do You Allow Subletting? 

Subletting your apartment makes renting more affordable. Ask the landlord about their subletting policy if you plan on doing it in the future. 

Can I Renew The Lease?

If your new landlord plans on selling the building after your lease term is over, then you’ll need to relocate twice. Consider it before agreeing to the lease. 

When Do You Want Me To Move In?

If your new landlord wants you to move in within a week but your current lease won’t be over until the end of the month, then you may need to search for other options.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Landlords have the right to decide how they receive payments but they should ideally make things easier for you by accepting multiple options like cash, online payment and card.

Which Furnishings Or Appliances Are Included?

Before you move in, verify whether you are renting a furnished or an unfurnished apartment. Ask the owner about what furniture and appliances are included in the furnishing and what you need to get yourself. 

Have The Locks Been Changed?

This is a security concern. You don’t want the previous tenant to have access to your room, so make sure that the landlord changes the lock before you move in. 

Would You Live Here?

This question could be your deciding factor when searching for apts for rent in Denver. The answer will always be a yes, so pay attention to the landlord’s body language to know whether they mean it or not.

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