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Points to Remember While Pressure Washing Different Surfaces

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Every surface holds unique properties, which is why the cleaning process for each surface is different. In this article, the list of surfaces has been discussed that require pressure washing. No matter you are a professional pressure washer or a house owner, you should go through these specific points. These points will guide you about taking care of the property during pressure washing in Midland like cities. Let’s discuss the process of pressure cleaning of some specific surfaces in brief, and try to find out how pressure washing can clean them efficiently without damage.

The List Of These Surfaces Is Discussed Below:

Roofs: Most of the roofs are covered by solar tiles, clay and concrete tiles, metal roof tiles, polymers roof tiles etc. These tiles are not on the list of strong materials. That’s why a limited pressure needs to be applied to these tiles. For pressure cleaning of the tile roof, a medium-capacity pressure washer is required. A pressure washer with 1200 to 1500 PSI with the proper size of the nozzle can be used to clean the roof efficiently.

Sodium hydroxide chemicals should be used in the cleaning of tile roofs. During the pressure washing of the roof, use plywood to allow for even weight distribution so that you do not damage tiles. After cleaning the roof you can also apply the sealants, primers, and paint on it for longer life. However, doing all this on yourself can be overwhelming, which is why you should contact professionals for pressure washing.

Cladding: The cladding is the outside coating of a building. It is applied for several purposes like to provide thermal insulation, weather resistance, and improved appearance to the building. The material that is used for the cladding is wood, metal, brick, aluminum, etc. Before pressure washing, the cladding dust should be cleaned with the help of a soft bristle brush. It can clean the cobwebs, dust and rain spots. After that, wash it using low pressure. The use of higher pressure can damage the cladding or can decrease the shining look of the building. In the case of metal cladding, the chemicals shouldn’t be used they can remove the shininess of the metal cladding.

Parking lots: The most common material used for parking lots is Asphalt concrete. The parking lot’s mixer is made by combining asphalt, sand, and gravel aggregate. Nowadays 90% of the parking lots are made of asphalt. However, concrete is becoming competitive to it. The asphalt can be cleaned with the help of the power wash. If we consider the pressure then electric pressure washer from 1300 to 2300 psi and gas pressure washer up to 3000 psi can clean the parking lot without damaging. However, due to different properties of mixed-material, selection of the pressure washer capacity should be made under the guidance of the professionals.

In Conclusion:

Apart from these three the Decks, Sidewalks, Patios, Driveways, Siding, etc can also be washed using a pressure washer. The main issue with pressure washing is damaging the surfaces during washing. So, the using of pressure washers without proper guidance can destruct your property, to keep it safe you can hire professionals. The pressure washer services in the Midland can also be hired to the cleaning of various surfaces.

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