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Ovarian Cancer: Treatment Options To Increase Survival

Ovarian Cancer
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When caught early, several treatment options provide a greater life expectancy and sometimes even a cure for conditions like ovarian cancer. But there’s more to it than that. In this article, we will be talking about ovarian cancer treatment options. Let’s start by analyzing ovarian cancer.

What Is Ovarian Cancer? 

Cancer leads to the uncontrolled growth of cells due to genetic mutation in one or more organs of the human body. The mutation of cells may happen in the ovaries leading to abnormal growth. This is known as ovarian cancer.  

Like other cancers, this also has four stages; Stage IV submits the metastasis of cancer cells from ovaries to other organs. These are the four types of cancer are known to occur in the ovarian cells:

  • Epithelial ovarian cancer
  • Epithelial tumours of the ovary
  • Germ cell tumours of the ovary
  • Stromal tumours of the ovary

What Are The Treatments For Ovarian Cancer In India?

Cancer is a deadly disease, but that does not mean one loses hope. On the contrary, the medical sciences have evolved immensely, and several Ovarian cancer treatment options are known to increase survival in patients. The treatments for ovarian cancer include: 


  1. Local treatments

Local treatments refer to the plan of action given to the patient when the cancer is localized, that is, the cancer cells are still located in the ovaries. The two localized therapies that are widely used in cancer patients are:


  • Radiation therapy for Ovarian cancer
  • Surgery 
  1. Systemic Treatments 

In addition to local treatments, your oncologist might also suggest you undergo systemic therapy for the disease. It refers to the drugs given to a cancer patient because these medicines can catch up with almost any and every cancer cell in the body. 

They are generally orally administered and work via the bloodstream. Apart from prescription drugs, one might also undergo treatments like:

  • Chemotherapy: Chemo drugs are administered in the bloodstream. This treatment is generally used after surgery to kill the leftover cancer cells.
  • Hormonal therapy: In this therapy, hormone-blocking is administered to fight cancer. The treatment is more widely used for ovarian stromal tumours. 
  • Targeted therapy: This option is known to use drugs that identify and specifically attack the cancer cells while doing little to no harm to the normal ones.

What Is The Survival Rate Of Ovarian Cancer?

The five-year survival rate of ovarian cancer when caught in the early stages is about 93%. Even in all SEER stages combined, the disease has a survival rate of 57%. Your ovarian cancer treatment plan can be used to enhance these promising stats further. 


Ovarian cancer is a disease that impacts the mental and physical health of a patient. Cancer patients are known to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other clinical disorders because of the impending sense of doom that this disease brings with it. 

However, all is not lost. There are several top hospitals like Max Healthcare that offer affordable and effective treatment. Further, they give you access to top-quality specialists who’ve been treating cancer for decades. 

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