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Nursing Bra Singapore — Shopping Tips and Other Advice

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nursing bra is a must-have item of clothing for expecting mothers. If you haven’t yet got some nursing bras or maternity bras for yourself as part of preparing for the baby’s arrival, you should do that now!

For women looking to buy a nursing bra in Singapore, you can comfortably shop online for nursing bras. A store like Lovemère which specializes in good quality maternity wear is a good option to buy nursing bras from the comfort of your home.

Nursing Bra Singapore

Shopping Tips for Buying Nursing Bras Online

Here are some tips to make your shopping experience fruitful.

1. Buy at the right time.

A woman’s body goes through a lot of physical changes during and after pregnancy. Since these physical changes also apply to the bust size, buying a nursing bra at the right time is necessary. At some point in your second trimester, your breasts would start getting ready for supplying breastmilk for the baby. This is the ideal time when you should start looking for good nursing bras.

2. Measure yourself well.

While buying online, it is important to measure yourself well before you choose the right size. If you are already lactating, measure yourself at midday, before you feed. This is because this will be the time when your breasts are at their heaviest. Stand in front of a mirror and hold the tape taut to get your measurement right.

3. Take sizing help.

Getting the perfect fit is very important. If you are unsure about the size, ask for help. Most online stores have resources or even a helpdesk to answer any queries that you have about sizing. Use this to get the perfect size for yourself.

4. Look for quality fabrics.

As a new mother, you want the fabric of your bra to be gentle and safe both for yourself and the baby. It is best to buy a maternity and nursing bra that is made of breathable fabrics. While padded bras are good, avoid bras with underwires.

5. Check the exchanges and returns policy beforehand.

Even though we check sizes, fabrics, and colors before buying, sometimes things don’t go as planned. If the product you receive does not match your expectations, you should be aware of what to do to exchange or return the product.

Some More Advice for Buying the Best Maternity and Nursing Bra

The best nursing bra is the one that keeps you comfortable and gives quick access to nursing. Check the quality of clamps, clips, or zippers that the bras have. The best bra for breastfeeding moms is the one where you can manage to latch the baby to the breast one-handedly.

If you are an active mother, you absolutely must buy a breastfeeding sports bra for yourself. These bras are designed to give your breasts adequate support even if you are engaging in light exercise. These stretchable bras easily accommodate your breasts whether you have just finished a feeding session or whether your breasts are heavy with milk.

With plenty of beautiful colors and designs to choose from, you can buy as many nursing bras as you can. However, as a rule of thumb, you should buy at least 3 nursing bras — one to wash, one to wear, and one to keep.

That’s all for today, ladies. Hope you have a good time treating yourself to some beautiful nursing bras. You deserve it!

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