New-age Container Tracking Solutions: Empowering Logistics Ventures like Never Before

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There was a time when the logistics industry in India and across the world used to be dependent upon manual methods of container and freight tracking. Those old methods used to involve huge manpower and a huge amount of time to carry out the task. Now all this has become the thing of the past and container tracking solutions have undergone a complete transformation with the devisal of revolutionary techno-driven solutions offering a seamless facility for accessing information about gateway rail freight ICD container tracking as well as India container terminals.

All the power in a single person’s hand 

One of the major changes that modern container tracking solutions have seen is that they now not only provide a container tracking facility but also proved to be a crucial tool to streamline other operations of the entire supply chain. This has become a reality due to the cloud-based solutions and revolutionary RFID technology. With modern container tracking solutions in place, only a single person can do the following in a logistic venture:

  • Integrate and evaluate information regarding container tracking, dwell time, and container’s stranded conditions
  • Can fetch detailed near real-time visibility of EXIM containers through a single window
  • Make any decision quickly to do the needful as per the requirements
  • Can fetch information on performance evaluation of ports, Inland Container Depots (ICDs), Container Freight Stations (CFSs), and supply chain industry
  • Get immediate results on gateway rail freight ICD container tracking and India container terminals.

Visible positive changes across the supply chains 

Since almost all the shipping companies are adopting techno-rich container tracking solutions for gateway rail freight ICD container tracking on all India container terminals to ease their operations, the utility of these solutions has started reflecting in:

  • The enhanced performance of the entire logistics chain
  • The shipment, warehousing, and cargo consolidation
  • The improved dwell time and stranded time
  • The better streamlining of the container logistics operations at all the major ports across the country and the world
  • The drastic reduction in the logistics cost from the present 14% of the GDP to international standards of 8%
  • Performance Benchmarking Reports that not only analyze the Dwell time of Ports, CFSs, and ICDs but also help in identifying operational inefficiencies.

Reducing the damage to the environment 

One of the major impacts that the new-age container tracking solutions have made is that they have promoted a modal shift from conventionally-fuelled vehicles like trucks to rail transport bringing improvement in environmental conditions. The less carbon footprints in the environment, the better life gets for human beings. Apart from it, the new-age container tracking systems also provide visibility that empowers the port terminal operators to render better performance with better Dwell Time and route optimization.

Concluding Remarks 

Be it gateway rail freight ICD container tracking or any other information on any of India container terminalsLDB has completely revolutionized the way soft infrastructure was being used by the supply chain domain in the country. This techno-rich system has not only brought all stakeholders together but also created a growth spiral of transparency, visibility, competitiveness by creating new benchmarks. 

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