Meta 1 Coin: A Revolutionary Choice For Liberation From A Corrupt System

Secured Party Creditor
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What should you make for dinner today? Which dress should you wear for today’s evening? Should you take a bath today? How about not going to work today? Each one of us makes hundreds of decisions every day, and each decision requires us to choose between two or more alternatives.

CHOICE is extremely pivotal for our well-being because it gives us a sense of immense control over our lives. It allows us to live the life we want to live. However, with regards to dominant political governments, citizens often have to struggle for making the right choices. Earlier, humans started to revolt to claim their rights and keep the government on the nose. However, nowadays, they just have to make a choice, either of being a ‘ward’ of the state OR being a ‘Secured Party Creditor’.

The majority of humans only complaint about the system, whereas, only a few attempts to change it for the better. And those who try to change, face staggering forces and various mass conspiracies from the governing authorities. So, why to even try to change the failed and corrupt system? Why waste your energy and time on that? What will you do if you find that your car is damaged beyond repair? Would you try to spend your energy, time, and money on remodeling it? Isn’t it a better option to buy an all-new car and demolish the old one? This is probably far better than just hard trying to rejuvenate your deteriorated car, isn’t it so?

Similarly, it is better to make a choice of moving to a fresh jurisdiction rather than correcting a deceitful and damaged system. In today’s scenario, the true revolution is to gain ultimate consciousness regarding the fact that a choice does exist, and one can make it for their rights. So, if all the warriors turn into Secured Party Creditors, it would perhaps bring a paradigm shift in the corrupt legal system.

META 1 Coin Trust’s Universal Law helps individuals to make a choice for liberation, i.e., the choice of shifting to an all-new jurisdiction. It believes that the market is prepared for a currency without corruption. Therefore, META 1 Coin signifies enlightenment, freedom, abundance, and truth, which is in total contrast to the antiquated currency and exchange options. Being a Secured Party Creditor, you can trade on the META exchange (Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange) without any charge.

 So, How META 1 Coin Can Fight Against A Failed System?

A plethora of technological advancements have made it possible to boost the transparency as well as accountability of financing. As META 1 Coin provides a decentralized and transparent platform for recording transactions, it reduces corruption and any kind of fraudulent activities.

For example, if the government is constructing a road, then individuals can track how much amount of money is spent on what. The cases of fraud and corruption against the system, which used to take more than 10 months to solve, can be investigated with just a touch of a button. This type of financial tracking and transparency can prove disastrous for bribes and frauds. Thanks to the META 1 Coin’s faster crosschecks and easily accessible information, everything from spending, receiving to development can be tracked and monitored effectively.

The Universal Law of META 1 Coin Trust ensures the achievement of the social mission of facilitating civil liberties and privacies. With materialistic consumerism spreading drastically all across the globe, individuals are failing to sustain their levels of debt. The rising inflation and stagnant incomes are two of the most major hurdles for individuals coming from the insignificant socioeconomic background.

Banks and central authorities can legally enter into the financial world of any individual and can enforce him/her to pay debts. The enforced contractual relationship between a citizen and its government leads to the deterioration of humanity.

The Universal Law consists of two of the most important legal tools, Secured Party Creditor (SPC) status and the extension of SPC with the inclusion of Private Non-Statutory Trust. Both of these legal tools permit individuals to carry transactions without the need for any fictional document, title, name, or designation. So, the Universal Law doesn’t bind all Secured Party Creditors with any kind of state or federal jurisdiction.

In addition, META 1 Coin also boasts of its full-fledged financial ecosystem, named METANOMICS, which uses blockchain technology in order to ensure fair trade, equity, and honor. The primary aim of the ecosystem is to deliver unprecedented abundance and empowerment to META 1 Coin holders. While Universal Law transits ‘wards of the state’ to humans, METANOMICS facilitates free trades.

Three of the most important aspects of META 1 Coin’s Block-Chain Technology that can disrupt the corruption by both the government and the public. They are as follows:

  1. Identity Verification: Verifying identity primarily aims to avoid any kind of identity theft. By making an organization or an individual authenticate their identities, the trust ensures a secure platform for fighting money laundering.
  1. Registering Assets: The second most promising aspect is the registration of assets for stamping out frauds.
  1. Tracking Of Transactions: By automating and tracking risky transactions, META 1 Coin’s blockchain technology helps in combating government corruption. High-risk transactions like cash transfers and public contracts can be easily traced and audited.


So, the foundation of human empowerment is all set up for the new era with the primary notion of ‘Free Will of Humanity’. It becomes really important for humans to know what they exactly want to exist. Do we want to choose to be imprisoned in the form of accepting the state’s citizenship? Do we humans really wish to wait for someone else to give us a slice of bread? Isn’t it better to have it on your own? Do humans want to control their lives or do they want the authorities to do so?

Well, the matter is all of a CHOICE! Whether you wish to be a debtor or a creditor, whether you want to be the controller of your life or not, it is your CHOICE! Nevertheless, humans should be cognizant of the alternatives that can bring prosperity and abundance instead of taxations, regulations, and discriminatory laws!

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