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Learn the art of living life through Yoga

Learn the art of living life through yoga
Written by Shrishti Khairwal

As soon as we hear the name of yoga, some asanas, pranayama, actions and ups and downs of breath, etc. But are these some postures and actions only yoga?


What is yoga?

Yoga is more than these asanas and activities. If a person tries yoga in life, then it can be called the art or basis of living a pure life.

It is said in the Gita that “Yoga is a journey through the Self to reach the Self”.The whole essence of yoga is hidden in this sutra i.e. statement. You can call it a complete spiritual science, medical science, and life science.

Some of the yoga postures and actions etc. are only its superficial limits. Its main objective is to become divine from the soul by living a pure sattvic life. By assimilating it, the pure sattvic art of living life can be known.


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How can you learn the art of living life from yoga?

First of all, it should be known that Yoga is above all religions. It is not a particular component of any one religion. Considering it religious and making it is the result of the wrong thinking of both. You can see this example to understand Yoga as an art of living life.

1. Human condition

There is a state of the human body that what we think happens as it happens. For example, if we get angrier then you will see that the body also starts doing the same actions. The eyes turn red, their eyebrows become taut. The blood circulation of the person increases. Due to the unnecessary wastage of energy of a person, he becomes a patient of mental stress.

In this way, his social image also deteriorates. no one likes him For his weaknesses, he turns to drugs. Due to intoxication, family problems, loss of money, and hatred in the society. In this way, a person makes his life hell while living.

Yoga says that whatever you are you are pure and clear from within. Learn the right art of living life by improving your habits. Give up your bad habits Work hard for the health of your body and soul. Love everyone, get rid of anger, greed, attachment, and delusion. Don’t expect anything from anyone and know yourself.

Now you will see that as soon as you have assimilated them. Everything changed – it seems to be changed. You will not take unnecessary anger on anyone, due to which you will see the whole world at peace. Gradually, interest in spirituality will increase and you will attain salvation.


2. ‘Yatha Pinde and Cosmos’

It is said in the Upanishad, ‘Yatha Pinde and Brahmanme’. Mysterious things are hidden in this short statement. This statement implies that our body is the manifestation of the universe, that is, the human body can be considered as a small universe. Because of the forces and elements that make up the universe, the human body is created from those powers and elements.

Now we see that the atmosphere of the earth is becoming unbalanced and polluted. Due to this our universe has also become ill. Somewhere natural calamities are coming, then some other events are happening somewhere. In the same way, our body and soul of the universe have also become unhealthy due to the wrong diet.

If a balanced life is lived by following a pure sattvic diet and yoga is imbibed, then a person can make his life healthy and successful.


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