LDB Covers 9 More SEZs for the Last Mile Container Visibility

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NICDC Logistics Data Services (NLDS), a joint venture between the Government of India, represented by the National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust, and NEC Corporation, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, has recently extended its Logistics Data Bank (LDB) services to 9 major Special Economic Zones (SEZ) across the country intending to bring the required betterment in the last mile container visibility across all India container terminals.

Some of the major SEZs where the LDB services are now operational include the following:

  • Visakhapatnam
  • SEEPZ Mumbai
  • Surat
  • MEPZ Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Kandla
  • Noida
  • Mangalore, and
  • Dahez SEZ. 

With the effective and efficient services of LDB now available at all the above-mentioned locations, both importers and exporters concerning these areas are now able not only to trace and track their containers at all India container terminals but also to make the most of allied services such as:

  • Increased visibility across the supply chain
  • End-to-end transparency for over-the-road transport, and ocean freight
  • Advanced functionalities achieved through data-driven measures that influence the entire supply chain efficiency 
  • Auto-capturing of every movement of the shipment
  • Low logistics costs
  • Reduction in lead time and transaction cost as a result of predictability and optimization
  • Container lead time 
  • Container dwell time, and
  • Analytics reports, etc. 

The primary intention behind the LDB services extension

The promoters behind the LDB services are of the view that the need for flawless end-to-end vessel visibility across JNPT container tracking and other terminals was quite apparent, and as a result, the shippers across the country were experiencing unnecessary delays followed by huge financial loss. Now with LDB services across these important locations, users can:

  • Identify the bottlenecks to better streamline their operations
  • Get the last mile container visibility 
  • Have improvement in the export and import (EXIM) trade
  • Reduce the logistics cost.

No need to visit multiple shipping lines websites

The state-of-the-art LDB India container tracking services are designed and developed to provide the exporters and importers with the ability to track their valued vessels in real-time as well as compare farsighted milestone dates with real actions. The services have also made it possible for them to assess the performance of their carriers. Now they will not require visiting the multiple shipping lines websites to track and trace their containers with a lot of miscommunications and confusion. 

The powerful and techno-rich LDB software can track their shipment round the clock in real-time, be it JNPT container tracking or any other origin. 

Concluding Remarks 

With the extension of LDB services to Visakhapatnam, SEEPZ Mumbai, Surat, MEPZ Chennai, Cochin, Kandla, Noida, Mangalore and Dahez SEZ, importers and exporters across the country will now explore new opportunities for convenient business with complete transparency and visibility. 

Currently, all India container terminals including JNPT container tracking are within the strong reach of LDB, and a few remaining locations are likely to be covered soon. More than 30 million containers originating across the terminals from India have already been tracked using the LDB services.  LDB has also enabled quick decision-making and improved the competitiveness of the logistics and manufacturing industries.

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