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Know Everything About Car Air Conditioning Malfunctionings and Repair

Car Air Conditioning
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The air conditioning system is the basic comfort of a car that we hardly notice until it starts malfunctioning. The automotive air conditioning systems of cars are different from residential air conditioners. They are specifically modified according to different car models. Therefore, malfunctioning issues also differ. Commonly, we can find two types of car air conditioning services in perth i.e.

  • Orifice Tube and Accumulator System

This system involves an orifice Tube and Accumulator system to control low-pressure mist and refrigerant flow. 

  • Expansion Valve and Receiver-drier System

Its expansion valve and receiver-drier system differ from the orifice tube because of a desiccant. It is located at high pressure instead of low pressure as we see in the orifice tube. 

Expansion valves of both systems work in the same way. They restrict the refrigerant flow to produce low-pressure mist. 

Imagine, you are on a long drive, the climate is dry & hot, it seems to be an isolated location and suddenly your air conditioning system stopped working. What will be your first reaction? Obviously, searching for a car mechanic holding proficiency in handling air conditioning issues. Nevertheless, remember that every car mechanic will not have knowledge of maintaining auto air conditioning. If you consider some important prior warnings of malfunctioning, these situations are avoidable. Scroll down to enhance your knowledge. 

Warnings that signify a malfunctioning car air conditioning system

1. The foul smell while turning on

You turn on the AC and it starts stinking along with throwing cool air! It happens when bacteria and fungus infest inside the vent and drain pipes. If your AC was turned on after a long time, this problem may persist. Also, using AC frequently at maximum settings can spread a foul smell. Cleaning or replacing filters can solve this problem. It’s better to approach an auto air conditioning system mechanic instead of keeping the car fragrance wick turned on. 

2. Strange noise 

While turning on the AC, we sometimes notice the weird noise of banging or rattling. However, the AC works normally after that. There could be 2 reasons behind this noise i.e. 

  1. Worn-out compressor
  2. Worn-out bearing

In both cases, part replacement is the only reliable solution to consider. A prolonged situation may also result in heavy internal damage in AC components. Therefore, get them fixed as soon as possible.

3. Excess or low cooling than usual

In some cases, cooling drastically increases or decreases than usual without touching its functions manually. Leaking refrigerant gas is one of the primary reasons behind this problem. Initially, you may experience excess cooling but gradually it decreases below the average. Damage in hoses and joints can be the reason. An air conditioning service provider will figure out the damage, fix it and refill the refrigerant. 

4. Sudden circuit break

A sudden circuit break immediately stops the air conditioner. Usually, people reset the circuit breaker to solve the problem temporarily. However, this ignorance can result in big trouble. Wear compressors are the reason behind frequent circuit breaks. A weak compressor consumes more power than usual and also gets overheated. Ignoring for a long period of time badly affects your AC’s efficiency. Replacement of compressor is the only feasible solution to keep the car’s AC working properly. 

5. Moisture on dashboard and floorboard

If the drain line of an air conditioning system is malfunctioning, it may result in water flowing on the floorboard. Sometimes, it also appears on the vents of the dashboard. This situation occurs when ignoring the foul smell coming out of AC vents. Bacterial infestation gradually increases and creates a slime-like substance. This bacterial substance becomes the reason for clogging drains. Consequently, water starts draining inside the floorboard. 

6. Extreme temperature fluctuation 

Sometimes, we experience a sudden blow of hot air in the middle of the comfortable cool ride. Air temperature drastically rises to an uncomfortable level. Don’t ignore this momentary situation because long-term consequences can be really bad. It happens due to the evaporation failure. Its primary task is to dispense an adequate amount of refrigerant gas to the evaporator system. Blockage due to moisture can be a reason. A qualified air conditioning service provider can help in identifying the core reason for blockage and figure out a solution accordingly. 

An air conditioner is one of the common comforts in a car you can expect. If it is not working properly, your long journeys can turn horrible especially in the summer season. Keep AC checking and maintenance on your priority list while approaching a service station for general maintenance.

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