Job Options to consider after completing Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering is one of the core courses in the engineering stream. With the focus on designing and building structures, any developing area would afford many opportunities for a civil engineer. It is a rigorous discipline that involves critical analysis, planning, and execution. So, what exactly can you do once you have graduated with your B Tech civil engineering degree? Here are some attractive options that might pique your interest.


Nuclear Engineer


A fascinating specialization in a niche with much global appeal, the work of nuclear engineers, is to build and run nuclear power stations. This is a collaborative work with multi-disciplinary facets. The team involves working with other engineers and people in the sciences. While there is a definite scope for entering just B Tech holders, it is always preferable to have specialized training.


There are courses available for this very stream that will make your CV more attractive. Given the drive and necessity the find clean energy options, this field will most certainly see extensive growth in the near future. The prospects of this option make it potentially much more lucrative.


Indian Armed Forces


The Military Engineering Services offers much respected and sought-after career options for young engineers. The primary responsibility here is to help develop and maintain infrastructure for the Indian armed forces. The candidates are required to sit through their respective SSC (Short Service Commission) for the army. There is an age limit of twenty to twenty-seven years for applying.


Other branches like the navy and the air forces have specific tests (SNAES and AFCAT, respectively). This is an excellent option for those who enjoy working on the subject as their skills will be tested in adverse conditions. It is an exciting job that offers immense gratification in return.


 CAD Technician


One of the most lucrative areas for a civil engineer to work on is a Computer-aided Design engineer. The job description is obvious enough – by using specific software, the technician produces designs for structures and sometimes equipment. This job does require designing skills, so it is always a good idea to brush up on the knowledge for industrial design. This is also collaborative work and usually requires people to work and coordinate with a larger team of experts.


But the satisfaction of building something to be proud of from scratch is unparalleled. This is perhaps why many civil engineers gravitate towards a career in this field. Many larger firms work on developing cities. They see graduates with B Tech in civil engineering in Raipur, Mysore, Guwahati, and other places where people move for more affordable housing.


Civil Consulting


Civil Consulting is usually a consultancy business where the engineer meets, understands what the customer wants, and then gives specific advice on achieving the goal. The largest market for this usually is commercial infrastructure and, in some cases, larger residential projects.


All these jobs require significant engineer expertise and management skills to give the client what they want accurately. The key remains to ensure safety.


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