Important Factors To Consider While Choosing A Secondary School In Singapore

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You must be in search of a secondary school in Singapore, if this article has intrigued your interest. It is normal to be clueless about some aspects. By the time your child reaches secondary school, they are a teenager. As a teenager, they must be in a school that will enhance their personality and help them explore new things. 

You need to look beyond PSLE cut-off points and secondary school fees in Singapore to ensure that you make a smart decision on choosing a secondary school in Singapore.  

 A good institution like Global Indian School Singapore presents teenagers with programmes that attempt to expand their thinking and potential of achieving success.

 There are many factors that you need to look for before choosing the best secondary school in Singapore. Here are some of the important factors you should consider while choosing a secondary school in Singapore:

  1.     Try for special programmes based on child’s strengths

If you are interested in extracurricular activities, a good school such as Global Indian School in Singapore offers various programmes like art electives and music electives. You must consider schools that provide you with such programmes for your secondary school.

You can talk with the child to know her strengths and what she is good at. If she likes playing an instrument, then a music elective will be a good choice. This programme is best suited for the children who want to be a musician or have experience in music. To have the privilege of the programme, you must meet the school’s requirement of the express course in your desired school. Make sure you meet your desired school’s minimum qualification for this programme.

  1.     Check the course on offer

It is very important to check the curricula offered by the school. The schools that have multiple curricula also have diversity in their student population. They are likely to have students from different nationalities, which gives your child global exposure. It also gives you a chance to switch or opt for a curriculum that is challenging and at the same time suits the learning style of your child.

  1.     Be alert when picking CCA’s

Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) help children explore themselves. They help children to find their talents and interests. Children learn fundamental values and refine their skills. They help children socialize with others and teach them the meaning of cooperation in the field. There are many CCA clubs in secondary school that your child can join.

  1.     Proximity to home

As a parent, you must consider home-to-school distance. Your child’s school should never intervene in his daily routines. Make sure that his school is not too far from  home. This way students get adequate time for rest and sleep, in addition to the time needed for a successful pursuit of academics in Singapore.

Final words

Now you would know the crucial factors to consider while choosing a secondary school for your child. I hope these guidelines will help you in choosing the ideal Global Indian School for your child in Singapore.

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