How to Use Trading Indicators Effectively

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Several active traders and investors use technical indicators for indicators to identify profitable trade exit and entry points. Thousands of indicators, such as ninjatrader indicators, are available on most platforms. Therefore, you may end up using several indicators besides using them inefficiently without getting desired results.

In this article, you will get to know how to chose multiple indicators and avoid an overload of information.

Use of Multiple Indicators at a Time

Types of Indicators

Indicators are algorithms based on the past trading instrument and volume activity or current price. Technical analysts utilize the information to forecast prices and evaluate historical performances. It would help if you kept in mind that indicators don’t specifically offer any sell and buy signals. As a trader, you must explain the signals to decide the trade exit and entry points that fulfill to their unique trade style. Numerous types of indicators are present, including interpret volume, volatility, momentum, and trend.

Avoiding Redundancy

A statistical term, multicollinearity is considering the same information multiple times. One faces in technical evaluation a common problem while applying the same kind of indicators to single chart. The outcome leads to redundant signals that mislead you. Though some traders use same type of multiple indicators intentionally to confirm the price move, multicollinearity hides other variables. As a result, it makes it tough to evaluate the market situation accurately.

Use of Complementary Indicators

Traders should choose indicators that complement or work great with each other without offering redundant results. It is an effective way to avoid the problems related to multicollinearity. It can be achieved by implementing different indicators to a single chart. The trader can use one trend and one momentum indicator. For instance, use an Average Directional Index (trend indicator) and a stochastic oscillator (a momentum indicator). Since each indicator offers different interpretation of the market situation, you can use one to confirm the other.

Keep Trading Charts Clean

Keep Charts Clean

The charting platform of a trader is a portal to the market, it is crucial that charts boost and not hinder the market analysis of a trader. In addition, charts as well as workspaces that are easy to read can improve the situational awareness of a trader, allowing it to respond to market’s activity.

Almost all the trading platforms allow customization concerning chart design and color. Visually appealing and clean charts along with workspaces allow traders to use indictors effectively.

Overloading of Information

Several traders utilize multiple monitors to display numerous charts along with ordering entry windows. If you even use six monitors, it shouldn’t be appraised as a green signal devoting every inch of the screen to technical indicators.

When a trader tries to study so big amount of data that its meaning gets lost, information overload occurs. Trader, when presented with extra information, is likely left unable to give a response. Remove any extra indicators from the workspace to avoid information overload. If you are using any of them, it helps eradicate any extra information.

Well-Organized Workspace

Create a well-settled workspace that utilizes relevant analysis. The technical indicators used by traders may alter with time on the basis of employed strategies, trading style, and market conditions.


Technical analysis deals in probabilities instead of certainties. Though many effective indicators are present, including ninjatrader indicators, there is no combination of the platforms to predict the market conditions accurately.


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