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How to Style Socks With Heels

Knee High socks
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Wearing white knee high socks with heels is a daring move that is not reserved for 3 years old and professional models only. If you are comfortable and you know how to style knee high socks with heels, you too can be a trendsetter. Though it is not a new style, it has been a little slow to catch on. Fashionable and daring ladies have been rocking this style. Most fashion photographers have captured this style and shared their work on Instagram. However, many moderate fashionistas show a little reluctance to try white knee high socks with heels and skirts. However, this is something you must try. In addition to providing you with the high-fashion look, high knee socks like knee high socks with bow, or white knee high socks with bows, and other high knee socks also diversify your wardrobe. 

You always have something to add to your every outfit. Socks with heels are a super practical choice. Heels can be painful sometimes. Don’t you want to do something about it? Why don’t some ladies don’t wear socks with heels? This fashion choice will make you feel comfortable. There will be no blisters. You can wear your favorite heels even during winter.

Strappy sandals and glittery socks are the best for festive looks. Want to go extra daring? Pair your socks with bright, reflective heels. Pairing them with black heels is also a safe option. You can also pair them with a dark denim, a pantsuit, a simple, basic black dress and a simple T-shirt. The glitter tone is a daring one. However, when they become the boldest part of your dress, your socks can tone it down.

The modern street style involves dark colors, sharp edges, denim jackets, and a lot of leather. If you love frills and lace, you have some softer options to try. Frilly or ruffly ankle socks work with pastel and light colors. Wear these socks with a cute blouse and skirt and keep your heels under 4”. This is a great way of accentuating femininity. A frilly blouse and light, pastel skirt give you the girly look you desire. Solid-colored heels and lacy socks also put together a style that exudes your femininity. 

If you worry that you will look ridiculous with socks paired with heels, stick to the basics. You can achieve subtle and chic looks by making some simple choices like black heels and black ankle socks. This style can easily match your simple outfit. You don’t need to look for the right dress or pants. Wear sheer socks or thicker, opaque socks. Sheer is subtle and a little sexy. It is a good choice for more elegant outfits.

If you want a sultry, classic look, don’t skip sheer, patterned tights. Choose black heel with sheer, patterned ankle socks. 

You can wear knee high socks and other types of socks with heels. The following are the best choices for those looking for knee high socks: 

  • Gabriella Microfibre Knee Highs
  • Pamela Mann Cross Over Knee Socks
  • White Knee High Socks With Bow
  • Jonathan Aston Delight Knee High Sockjoan


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