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How to Secure Work Permits and Work Visas in Russia

Written by IvisaRussia

If you are looking to visit Russia for work purpose, you need to secure suitable visa for your purpose. Choose the right company that will issue invitation for your visa so that you can collect the visa before long.

If you are required to work for a specific Russian employer, the first and foremost requirement is to secure a Russian work permit visa, which allows for your entry into the country. To do so, you need to obtain a visa. The visa that will enable you to travel to the country can be collected from the Russian Embassy, Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country, which is based on the Visa Support.

The visa is meant to permit you to enter and stay in Russia as long as you don’t have at least a Russian residence permit of a Russian passport. Diplomats and cruise ship employees need different visas from visa countries.

Foreign nationals from non-visa countries (the green area) are entitled to different policies. This “green country policy” almost mimics the policy for people from visa countries with a residence permit.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss the policies and procedures that apply to people from visa countries.

As opposed to popular belief, a work permit in Russia is associated with a specific employer. This means if you are working for employer A and you want to switch to employer B, the latter will have to apply for a new work permit for you.

Remember, the employer will have to apply for your permit and pay for the same.

So, how to register for a Russia work permit visa? These are things you need to:

  • Receive the appropriate invitation. Depending on the requirements for the country of origin, you may get it from a company or the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs by mail. A bar-code protects it. When it comes from a company, it is sent either as a scan by email or in its original form.
  • Submit it at the consulate. Don’t forget or leave your passport or proof of payment of the consular fee at home.

Usually, the registration process of the business invitation takes 24 hours.

However, for those who are from countries with a high migration risk, a letter from the Migration Department of the Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs is required. The preparation of the specified letter takes 18 calendar days.

Generally, people may need visas for different purposes. Therefore, depending on the purpose, you may need to choose a visa wisely. Usually, visas are granted under the following grounds – private, business, tourist, study, working, humanitarian, and more.

Remember, the invitation is the only basis for applying for a visa. So be sure to go with a company that has the know-how and the ability to make invitations faster than the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. However, whether the visa should be granted or not entirely depends on the decision of the Consul. The Consul will assess and evaluate the purpose of the application and exclude the possibility of illegal stay in the Russian Federation. If your application raises any cause for concern or questions, you may be asked to produce additional documents by the Consul, or the visa may not be issued at all. Take advantage of the Russian visa service online and get your visa instantly.

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