How to resolve code 5 145 61 in Canon Printer

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Canon printer error code 5 145 61 mostly appears while you are scanning a document. The scanning process suddenly interrupts and an error message appears on the screen. You can get into scanning errors due to various reasons. When the error code 5 145 61 appears, restart your printer. Again try to scan the document. If the printer is still showing the error then seek other techniques.

Troubleshooting Canon Printer error code 5 145 61:

Restart the Printer

Whenever you get into any kind of error while using the Canon printer; restart it. While the printer is On, pull out the power cord and USB cable. Now, wait for about 30 seconds. Reconnect the power cord and the printer will start automatically. Connect the USB cable and try to scan your document. 

Change the USB cable

You can get into scanning issues when you are using a faulty USB cable. Check the cable by connecting another device with it. If you fail to connect any device with the USB cable then your USB cable is not working. Use another cable for connecting your Canon printer to the PC. For wireless printers, place the printer nearby to the router. Try removing the USB hub while scanning the document. 

Check the Windows files

If the scanning error is appearing on a Windows 10 device then check for the Windows files. Many programs get interrupted when these files get corrupted. Your Windows files can get corrupted due to malware infection or any runtime error. Finding the corrupted file and restoring it manually is a difficult task. You can use the Windows System File Checker tool for restoring the corrupted Windows file:

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Type command on your search bar
  3. Do not press the enter button
  4. Hold ctrl and shift keys
  5. Now press the Enter key
  6. A permission wizard will appear
  7. Read the message and click on the Allow button
  8. A black screen with a blinking cursor (command screen) will appear
  9. Type sfc/scannow on the screen
  10. Press the Enter key

Your System File Checker tool will start scanning all the Windows files. If any corrupt file appears, it will fix it automatically. Wait until the system file checker completed the scanning process. After fixing all the corrupted Windows files, restart your computer. Go to the Canon printer and try to scan your document.

Check the WPS pin

If you are scanning the document on a wireless Canon printer then you should check the WPS pin on the connected router. Your Canon MG3000 connects to WiFi only when the router has a physical WPS pin. Restart your router and check for the connection. If the connection is weak then you can connect your Canon printer directly with the LAN cable. In case the connection is still unstable then you have to wait until the connection gets smooth.

Scan your PC

Some malware not only steals the information from your device but can also interrupt your many processes. If your printer is showing errors from time to time then you should scan your whole PC. Use a reliable antivirus for removing all the malware from your device. Open the dashboard of your antivirus and choose the full system scan option. Now you have to wait until the antivirus scans your whole PC. Once complete, restart the computer and scan your document with a Canon printer.

Reinstall the Canon printer driver

If the Canon printer driver gets corrupted then uninstall it from your PC and reinstall a printer driver from the Canon website. If the Canon printer is still showing error with scan then ask the Canon team for help.

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