How to know the details of any Scrum Master Training

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Any of the SCRUM Master Training or the SAFe SCRUM Master Training is a two-day course that allows the attendees to understand the role of a Scrum Master at an enterprise that functions on SAFe methodologies. Unlike the now traditional Scrum Master Training or the CSM and PSM that focus only on the Scrum Guide, these Scrum Master courses explore further the role of the Scrum Master. It helps the attendees to build up their knowledge of their role in the context of the entire enterprise. This helps them to easily plan and execute various kinds of Program Increments or PIs to align all levels of the SAFe at the organization.


Why learn SAFe?


The SCRUM Master Training or the SAFe SCRUM Master Training signifies that professionals who attend the training become prepared to act as Scrum Masters. This increases their value to their teams and to the organization where SAFe is implemented. These professionals thus work as servant leaders and coaches as required for the team and help them progress while delivering maximum business value possible at scale. These professionals gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of Agile at the training sessions. These case studies provide them with a real project perspective to help tackle any challenges at the organization.

The course outlines

Any of the SCRUM Master Training or the SAFe SCRUM Master Training provides an introduction of the Scrum in SAFe. These pieces of training focus upon the role of the Scrum Master to experience the PI planning, facilitate iteration execution, and suitably finish the PI process. The training is available as face-to-face classroom modes or even as live online classes nowadays. Many organizations also prefer their employees to undertake this training on-site through the help of an online or offline instructor. The course is available to a host of professionals with varying levels of experience.

The learning objectives

The SCRUM Master Training or the SAFe SCRUM Master Training helps professionals to understand the fundamental concepts behind Agile, Scrum, and SAFe. The training helps them differentiate and serve better as Scrum Masters or Servant Leaders through various models of coaching. This eventually helps improve the performance of their team by implementing the various principles and methodologies taught at the training. The professionals also learn about the Scrum Master’s role in PI planning to understand all of the Scrum ceremonies and the different steps to execute an iteration. Such training ensures that the professional can function as a Scrum Master role in the program execution.

Certification details

Undertaking the essential two-day SCRUM Master Training or the SAFe SCRUM Master Training allows a professional to tackle the SAFe 5 Scrum Master examination. The administrative and certification body for the examination is the Scaled Agile, Inc. The examination costs are covered in the course fees and any professional may take the examination within 30 days of the completion of the course. The examination format is multiple choice and the examination is conducted only online. The duration of the examination is 90 minutes and one needs to gain at least 33 of the 45 questions correct to qualify.

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