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How To Improve Your Relationship In 7 Easy Steps

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Every relationship goes through ups and downs, and experiences change over time. However, some couples adapt with ease, while others find change difficult. The strength of the partnership determines the outcome. So, read more to improve your relationship.

How can you keep the relationship strong enough to withstand and overcome changes and trials?

Many people struggling with relationship problems found couples counseling in North Chicagoland and other parts of the country very effective in rekindling the fire of romance. However, there are several other ways that can strengthen your bond and keep your relationship on the right track.

Here, we are going to discuss 7 important ways to strengthen your relationship.

  1. Spend Quality Time Together

Although it may sound overly simple, spending quality time together is the most daunting task for many couples. As per the research of The Gottman Institute, couples with healthy relationships spend around 6 hours every week dedicated to each other.

How much quality time do you actually spend with your spouse per week? Is it far less than 6 hours?

It is vital to take out a few minutes every day from your busy schedule for your partner. Put away all your electronic gadgets and give full attention to each other. Do the things that you both enjoy together like dancing, painting or trying something new.

  1. Go to Bed at Same Time

You might know that most adults in America do not get healthy sleep, which is 7 to 8 hours per night. However, did you know that sleeping at different times can adversely affect your relationship?

Yes, it is absolutely true; to stay close to your partner, go to bed at the same time. According to the renowned sleep science coach, Chris Brantner, the non-synchronized sleep patterns increase the chances of conflict between the couples and disturb their sexual life.

  1. Stay Connected

Communication is the basis of a healthy relationship. Staying in touch with your partner gives you a sense of safety and happiness. When there is a communication gap in your relationship, you feel pretty disconnected and stressed. So, talk openly about your feelings with your spouse and try to understand their non-verbal cues. It will create a sense of trust and avoid misunderstandings in your relationship.

  1. Do Not Wait To Show Sentiments

The studies have shown that physical touch or affection has a myriad of benefits. For example, when a person you love holds your hands, hugs you, or kisses you, the level of oxytocin rises. This helps in brain development, controls blood pressure and improves mood. Also, physical touch makes you feel more secure and close to your partner.

So, never miss sitting together, holding each other’s hands at least once a day.

  1. Have Fun Together

Couples are playful and full of fun in the early stages of a relationship. But, as time passes on, the playfulness fades. So, cuddling and having an unexpected romp in the bed is essential to keeping your union fresh.

Have fun outside the bedroom, too. Surprising each other with little things.

If you have children, include them in games and adventures. Laughing together relieves stress and can you through difficult times of life.

  1. Give Space To Your Partner

Give space to your partner to improve your relationship. Every person needs time to connect with their friends, enjoy separate interests, and grow personally. Your relationship can be improved by giving your partner space to explore personal interests.

  1. Fight In Productive Manner

Fights and arguments are common in a relationship. However, learn conflict resolution and communication skills — both of which are taught at couples counseling in North Chicagoland— so you can talk productively even in the worst situation.

Take a few minutes to cool down. If needed, walk away and do something that takes your mind off the fight. Before calling for a timeout, communicate with each other when you will regroup to continue the discussion.

Besides this, do not express your views or feelings in a loud and threatening manner. Use polite language to resolve disputes and make your point.

Final Words -:

Sometimes, you may need help to repair or improve your relationship and problems are too tangled to untangle them on your own. Couples counseling, the support of trusted friends and family can be helpful in this context.

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