How To fix 0x61011bed HP Printer Error

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HP is a famous hardware company which manufactures various computer components and related software programs. HP manufactures a wide range of printers. HP devices are famous around the globe due to the cost-effective prices. HP printers provide robust performance. But with time, HP printers start showing you various errors. A common printer error faced by many HP users is 0x62022bed error. This error appears when your printer cartridge is dealing with some issue. But sometimes this error can also occur when your printer driver gets outdated. You can troubleshoot this error with manual techniques. But if you are unable to fix the error manually, ask the HP technical team for help.

Reset your HP printer

Sometimes the error appears due to a small element like low electricity supply etc. The most common technique for resolving this error is to reset the printer. Pull out the USB cable from your printer now pull out the power cord. Wait for about one minute and then plug in the power cord on your HP printer. Your HP printer will start automatically. Now plug in the USB cable on your printer. Give a print command on your PC and check whether your error gets fixed or not. If not, seek other solutions.

Check the paper tray

Make sure you have loaded the A4 size pages on the paper tray. You may get this error when the printer is unable to load the paper. Check the alignment of the paper. You should keep at least 10 pages in your paper tray. You should not overload the tray. Check whether your printer can load the paper or not. 

Clean the rollers

Printer rollers can also get you into 0x61011bed error. These rollers stop working due to dust or other junk. Clean the rollers to troubleshoot the error. Turn off your HP printer and detach all the cables. Now open the access door and check the rollers. Take a clean and dry cloth for cleaning the rubber rollers. Now close the access door and then turn on your printer. Now start your printer and give print command. If HP printer showing offline status then ask the HP printer technical team for help. 

Check the ink

0x61011bed error can occur when the ink inside the cartridge dried up. When you didn’t use the printer for a long time; the ink gets dry and starts showing printing error. Open the cartridge door of your HP printer and take out the cartridge carefully. Check the ink/toner. If the ink gets dry then up; use a new toner on your cartridge. For ink cartridge; add a few drops of solvent on the dried ink. Now close the lid of the ink drums tightly and then shake it well. Now reinstall the cartridge on your printer. Go to your PC and give the print command. Check whether your HP printer is taking printout or not.

Check for the paper jam

Paper jamming can also cause 0x61011bed error. Paper jam is a common printer error which can occur when some junk like paper chunks get stuck inside the printer. Sometimes the paper roller draws multiple pages which can lead to a paper jam. You have to remove all the junk from the printer for removing the paper jam. Open the access door of your HP printer and check for the junk. Take a clean and dry cloth to remove the junk. Remove all the paper chunks and close the access door. Now restart your printer and check for the error. 

Check the ink level

If the level of ink on your cartridge is low, then you have to refill it. You can also install a new cartridge on your printer. But you should only install the original cartridge. Third-party cartridges can affect print quality. Sometimes poor quality cartridges can also damage the printer. Purchase an original cartridge for your printer. If the cartridge seems costly then you try refilling the cartridges. Purchase a good quality ink for your cartridge. Refill the ink on the drums carefully. Make sure to wear a mask while refilling the ink as it contains some harmful carbon components. Close the lid tightly and then reinstall the cartridge on your HP printer. Now restart your printer and check whether error 0x61011bed gets fixed or not.

Check your HP printer driver

Check for the printer driver updates. Many printing errors appears when you are using an outdated printer driver. If your printer driver is outdated then go to the HP website and search for the latest update of your printer driver. Make sure you are installing the correct driver for your printer model. After updating the printer driver, restart your PC. If your printer is still showing the error then you should ask the HP technical team for help.

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