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How to Choose the Right School for Kids in Ahmedabad?

Written by rakkumarr

Choosing a school for your child can be a challenging task. You need to consider multiple options and assess the qualities of the school against various criteria. 

This article will help you select the right for your child in Ahmedabad. 

Let’s begin.

Academic excellence

Each parent looks for a school to make sure that their child is getting a quality education. The right school in Ahmedabad should showcase academic excellence to substantiate this fact. It can be in terms of having a knowledgeable teaching faculty or a skill-based program. 

Moreover, the school should utilize a personalized approach to deal with learners of all kinds. The educational framework should cater to high achievers along with struggling students. 

Ease of commute 

The school should have a transport program to ease commuting. While selecting the school, it will help if you enquired about how the school will help the learner travel to and from school. So, assess the school distance against your location and seek help from the school counselor to make a reasoned decision. 

A transparent fee structure

The school should have a transparent fee structure that takes into account various charges. Before the term begins, it should disclose the parents’ fee structure or make it available on the website. 

Non-transparency in the fee structure can become a potential obstacle in the future, so read reviews of the guardians who have admitted their children to the school, check the website, and enquire with the administration.

Outside classroom activities 

Outside classroom activities are equally important for ensuring the holistic development of the learner. The should be a core component of your research in selecting the best school. 

Moreover, the school should give precedence to practical learning. For instance, facilities like STEM-labs or robotics labs will help the learners gain hands-on experience on complex subjects. 

Teacher-student ratio

The primary source of learning for the students will be the teachers. They will spend most of their time with the teaching faculty, so it is crucial to consider the teacher-to-student ratio. 

The ratio will be different for each school and have a different approach to tackle this problem. Research the school’s website and bring up this issue during the meet with the school counselor. 

Advocating school tour

You cannot make a well-thought-out decision by researching the website or reading reviews. A visit to the potential school will help you clear your doubts regarding the infrastructure, campus, and facilities. 

It will help if you select a school that allows or even encourages you to take the school tour. More importantly, to check where the learner will be spending most of their time.

In line with the student’s goals 

The school should be in line with the requirements and goals of the learner. For instance, if the student has an affinity for computer labs, the school should have all the right essentials to nourish it. 


Searching for quality education in a school will require you to conduct thorough research against multiple factors. We covered each facet that you should consider before selecting a school. Incorporating the above tips will help you find a learning environment that steers the student’s overall development.

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