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How To Begin An Effective Hair Care Routine

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A well-implemented plan for hair care is very essential, similar to body fitness. As the age passes, the hair starts becoming thin. There are many factors that affect our hair, like pollution and stress in our daily lives. This all collectively damages the hair and it starts to worsen. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. But in some cases, the issues like hair loss and dandruff are associated with hair troubles. 

So what is the solution? Before you start implementing a draft of your daily hair care routine, you need to abolish the probability of diseases that are responsible for causing hair damage in any form either. Despite the cause of hair damage, the hair care routine must be followed properly. Here are some useful tips explained that can be followed to get an effective hair care routine in your daily life.  

Checking  Your Hair Type 

If you don’t have an idea of your hair type, you can’t follow the proper hair care routine. The hair texture knowledge, density and level of oil in your hair can help you to pick the proper hair care routine and products for styling the hair. You can discover the type and density of hair by using some simple methods. Give a normal wash to your hair, by using regular shampoo and conditioner. Don’t try to do any heavy physical activity during the test time, which can result in extreme sweating of the scalp. When you are done with the washing, give rest to your hair for around 8-10 hours which is enough for the oil to assemble into your hair. When done, gently press the tissue on the hair. If the result is excess oil, then it means you have oily hair. If there is less oil, there is a medium oily hair type. But if there is no oil, undoubtedly you have dry hair. Some people also have combined hair types. Next is checking the hair density which can be investigated by using a simple method. There are thin, medium or thick types of hair. 

Drying Of Hair 

Drying your hair is also an essential element of your hair care routine. It will provide you with an escape from the disorganized tangles. Soon after washing the hair, you should use a towel for drying the hair. Avoid using heating tools like a dryer to dry the hair as it can cause damage to the hair. Forcing the hair to dry will lead to more damage than the air drying of hair. Let the hair dry by itself without using the tool. There is another option such as blow-drying with medium heat which will provide less damage. If you anyhow need to use the tool, suppose for curling of hair, prefer a heatless hair curler set which gives natural curls. Use a heat protectant spray to reduce the damaging effect of the tool. 

Combing Your Hair 

Combining hair should be done properly so that a proper hair care routine can be followed. If you think that is the big deal with combing or brushing, you are mistaken. The inappropriate comb and over-brushing of hair can lead to hair damage and you will regret it later. Using a wide-tooth comb and boar bristle brush is a good option for all types of hair. Don’t go for a comb that is made up of low-priced material. Instead, go with a wooden comb. The comb should also be washed on a regular basis. How to do it is by filling a bowl of water and putting the combs and brushes in the shampoo solution. This will thoroughly clean the combs and brushes. 

As there is no strict rule of how many times you brush your hair. Once in a day is sufficient though. The key point here is to keep the tresses untwined. For those who have long hair, it is better to detangle the hair before shampooing it. This is also applicable for short hair.

Regular trimming

Hair trimming is another important element of a hair care routine. This is because it helps in the growth of a thicker swab of hair and that too at a quick rate. Many factors can affect the growth of hair including health issues or nutrient deficiency. You need to trim your hair if the damage is at the end! 


How often you should go for trimming totally depends on your hair goals. If you like short hair, the best advice is within 6-8 weeks. If you prefer growing your hair, you can wait for a bit. You can also tie the trimmed hair with stylish hair scrunchie available in the market. On average, you should go for trimming every 3 months in case of long hair. Another factor is that it depends on your style and preferred choices! 


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