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How to begin a Natural Skin Care Regime for Dry Skin

Written by Tuliphemp

There is no specific age of getting dry skin.Despite of the climate and season, it can affect any of us. Winter is not solely responsible for causing dryness to the skin. Those who have ruffled, and peeing skin know how annoying it is. It keeps you diverted, sometimes intolerable, hinders the makeup and also lowers down your confidence too. 

No worries! There are many remedies or plans that can help you beat the dry skin and aid it in a glowing and beautiful complexion. If you think it is only linked to the products you are applying to the body, you are mistaken. It might play a big part in the process, but not necessarily the only one. There are other things too that contribute to getting radiant skin. Read on to know the tips for taking care of dry skin and try to follow them into your daily skin-care regime. 

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin and dehydrated skin are different terms. Though the symptoms of both are somehow same, people often get confused in both the terms. Dry skin means there is a lack of natural oils which helps in hydration of the body. Dry skin can lead to agonizing tight feelings, itching, cracking, redness and sensitive skin. From seasonal changes to lack of water and less chemicals can restrain its effects. Dry skin can occur to anybody, but is more seen in people living in cold or low-humidity areas. Read on to know the tips of preventing it! 

Signs of Dry skin 

How will you know if your skin is dry or dehydrated? You can take a pinch test to know the situation. Dry skin is said to be witnessed around the corners of the mouth, nose sides or eyebrows. Any of the strong face wash or exfoliants can cause issues to the dry skin. That is why you need to be extra protective about dry skin.

What is the proper Dry Skin Care Routine to follow? 

The main tip here is to hydrate the skin! The parched skin needs a proper skin care routine, particularly with the natural products like plant therapy body cream. The products contain nutritive, and moisture-rich ingredients. Here is the proper regime to follow!

  • Washing your Face with a Gentle Cleanser 

Washing your face with a mild and natural cleanser is a good option for dry skin. Don’t go for something that makes your dry skin more irritated. Go with a mild cleanser that saps the natural oil skin. Also, a tip here is to use lukewarm water for cleaning the face. After that, pat dry it with clean stuff. 

  • Using a Hydrating Toner

After washing the face, the next thing is to reimpose the moisture levels. Thus, you need to go with the perfect tone which mainly contains the distilled water and rose flower oil. Don’t pick the tone that contains alcohol in it. Keep on applying multiple layers to dry skin, selecting the areas including chin, jawline, and cheeks. Give it a proper time for absorption! 

  • Moisturizing 

It is a very important step for those who have dry skin. Use rich and creamy moisture therapy body cream that has components for providing moisture to the skin. You can also buy gel moisturizers if you don’t want a heavy feel. Moisturization is very much important to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

  • Use Anti-Oxidant Serum 

Give your skin some more hydration along with some protection. There are some great antioxidant rich serums that contain ingredients working for brightening the skin tone. By using this, you will surely get an extra layer of moisture for your skin. 

  • Using a detoxifying mask 

Flakes annoy the most when you have dry skin. You wish to get it shed by using a combative exfoliator, but this will end up in more drying. Instead of this, go for a gentle exfoliator or rich detox mask weekly. This will surely help in fortifying your skin and also brightens up the skin texture.

  • Use a sunscreen

You can’t deny the benefits and importance of sunscreen. Don’t dare to avoid it from your regular skin care regime, importantly for the dry skin. Either you can use a clear therapy body cream with built-in SPF or a different sunscreen prepared for the skin. Don’t buy the one that leaves a glossy look.

Bottom Lines 

Taking care of your dry skin depends on numerous changing factors. Don’t wait to use more and more hemp therapy body cream, lotions or serums on both cold and hot days. One thing to take care of is the list of ingredients. Try to buy the products that contain the natural ingredients so that it doesn’t harm the skin in any way. Your skin is important, so should be the products! 

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