How Often Should You Take Your Pet To The Vet?

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If you are a dog or cat parent, you need to know that they need to go to the vet. This is how you will know whether or not they are healthy and fit. However, not many of them know when they should take them to the vets in the Camborne Area.

If you are searching for the answer to this question, we would like to tell you that the answer depends on your pets’ life stage. Even the professionals have said the same. Continue reading to know more.

Kitten or Puppy: Birth to one year

You will need to take your pet to the vet every three to four weeks until and unless they are sixteen weeks old. You should know that your pet will get shots for rabies, distemper-parvo, and other diseases to all the dog parents. They may also require shots to protect themselves from health woes such as influenza, Lyme disease, and kennel cough.

If you are a cat parent, you need to know that they will get feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus tests. In addition to this, they can also get vaccinations that cover various other diseases. While you visit the vets in Camborne, you should know that the vet will examine your dog or cat to make sure they are growing in the right manner and healthy. The vet will check whether there are any signs of illness. Moreover, the next checkup will take place after six months.

Adult: One to ten years (depends on the type of pet and breed)

This is the stage where the vets recommend yearly checkups. The vet will give your pet a head to tail physical examination. In addition to this, to check for heartworms, they will also take a blood sample. If you are a cat parent, you should know that they do not get tested for the same because it is not at all easy to interpret their results. The vet may suggest other tests based on the issues your pet is facing.

Now when we talk about the vaccines, distemper-parvo and rabies booster shots happen during the first yearly checkup, then normally after three years after that. If you are wondering how often animals get rabies boosters, it depends on the state laws. Take a look and gather all the information. Your dog may get other vaccinations, which is how they will be able to prevent various illnesses.

Senior: Seven to ten years and older

The vets recommend twice-yearly checkups for older pets, whether it is a cat or a dog. Both of them get the vaccinations they need and go through a proper physical examination, which a vet will perform. This is the vet who has years of experience and skills in the industry. They will not take anything for granted and make sure your pet gets the right vaccinations. Hence, you need not worry about anything. In addition to this, the vet will be able to find out the liver and kidney issues with urine and blood tests.

The Summary

These are some of the factors you need to know if you are a dog or cat parent. Take your pets to the vet at the right time and make sure they get all the essential vaccinations.

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