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How Digital Marketing Driving Online Sales

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Retailing has undergone a profound and rapid change with the invention of e-commerce. Sellers have found a new way to reconfigure and reconcile their brick and mortar stores into digital supermarkets. However, good things never come easy. Surviving and thriving through the e-commerce battle has not been easy. It required great effort and skill integrating into communication technology, transportation modes, service, and delivery protocols, inventory systems and logistics. The digital marketing agency in Raleigh can help in such cases.

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Those who have mastered these skills are booming and will continue to do so in the future. Others are working hard to understand how they need to adapt to this drastic change. Doing so entails learning about new technologies, products, and systems that otherwise would have never been the part of their business.

The ability to search research and finally purchase items we love using the internet has changed the way we shop. Also, the modes of searching these things have come a long way through different channels. While promotional emails and newsletters could be one of these channels, one that dominates the list is social media.

We all know that the old style of consumer behavior comprises awareness, and then progressing towards interest, desire and finally ending up with the action. But through social media, the new behavior is akin to a flight where shoppers flit among Facebook ads, online tweets, YouTube reviews, social media messages and land straight at online retailers while purchasing their products.

And what a flight it has been. A white paper titled “The Future of e-commerce in the U.S” reported that e-commerce has grown at five times the rate of traditional retailing. This growth can be attributed to large sections of social media. In social media, everyone is active and loves what they see. Social media is driving multi-channel shopping amongst both e-commerce giants and emerging companies.

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