How are Tennis Matches Predicted?

Tennis Matches
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Tennis betting can make you a lot of money, that is, if you know how to predict a tennis match. Tennis is a lot different from other sports, so you will have to be cautious. There are many statistics and data like previous head-to-heads or player performance available online which can help you predict the game better. 

Statistics can help you get better at predicting the winner of the match, but there are many more markets you can bet on. You can bet on the points scored by a player or if two players will reach the final set.

Even if predicting tennis can be challenging, the rewards are promising. You will need a few tips for tennis betting predictions. We cover the requisites and betting rules you need to learn to be a better bettor.

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Monitor the Tennis World Rankings

The first tip for tennis betting is to monitor the tennis world rankings. The tennis world rankings depend on the number of points a player has accumulated over the last 12 months or year. The points are allocated for getting to various stages of the tournaments. The points for every tournament is not the same; the points for tennis Grand Slams is worth more than ATP 500 and ATP 250 tournaments. 

Since the ‘previous 12 months’ will change with every passing month, the rankings are bound to change. Keeping an eye on the rankings can help you keep track of a players’ form and progress. It is also vital to watch tennis matches regularly.

Be on the Lookout for Potential Players

Before any huge tournaments take place, there are pre-tournament matches. Get the latest tennis news on our site for all the upcoming tournaments. The critical idea here is to look for players who performed well in pre-tournament matches and are bound to do well in the main tournament. After you have found your player, analyze all the data so it can add to your judgements when making the final predictions. 

The Player Profile Performance and Statistics

A player’s profile or bio includes particulars like using a single backhand or if they are a right-handed player or a left-handed player. All these can help you come down to a decision when making the final predictions for the tennis match. Not only that, but it also has win-loss records that break down into a variety of subtopics that can give you extensive data to exploit when deciding on your predictions.

You can check the official websites of ATP or WTA to gather more data. You can learn how the players performed indoors, outdoors, on grass or hard courts. You can also check their performances in tiebreaks. Bookmark our site for the latest tennis news and statistics.

Find a Dependable and Authentic Website

The betting, the predictions, the research; everything depends on the data you are looking at. So it is very vital to find websites or mobile applications that you can trust and depend on without having to search other websites for lack of information. Some good websites are: BettingExpert, TopTennisTips and Foretennis.

Make sure you are doing enough research based on the latest tennis news to get good predictions. You can also connect with the punters on a few websites and look at their opinions.

The Tennis Head-to-Heads

Next on the list of tips for tennis betting is the head-to-head statistics. The head-to-head is a good indicator to predict tennis matches. These statistics furnish the results between any two players and the event breakdown, which highlights the surfaces when each player won and the name of the tournaments. The scores and also if the match was played indoor hard court or outdoor hard court or on grass can be seen in this statistics. 

Consider a match, and one of the players has performed well on clay. Then based on the flooring of the upcoming match, you can calculate the odds for that particular player. 

Understanding Player Serving and Playing Style

In-play betting is one of the most common strategies of tennis predictions. This strategy is chosen over game-by-game predictions. In-play betting simply means that the prediction is made while viewing the match live. To accomplish this, you need to be well versed in tennis tactics and the basics like serving and returning. 

It is also essential to familiarise yourself with the playing style of the players in the match. This has become easy with the readily available statistics online. 

Records of Bets

Last on the list of tips for tennis betting is, when betting in any sport, it is essential to have records of all your previous bets with the data like the money invested, the player statistics for that match, profit/loss, and the tournament type. Keeping records will help with future bets and also keep an account of the money.

If you are a tennis bet enthusiast, keep these tips in mind to make the best of your feet.

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