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How AI Generates Product Descriptions Helping eCommerce SEO?

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Did you know that 70% of the digital companies like you leverage the power of search engine optimization?

But only a few get succeeded to match the expectation of experiencing optimum website traffic, increase conversion, and more sales.

Unless you also rely on end-to-end pioneer eCommerce SEO services to boost traffic to your retail platform. Still, there might be something missing that comes between you and increasing sales.

So, do you know where the missing part is?

It’s actually using the prowess of Artificial Intelligence technology to generate SEO-friendly product descriptions.

For the first time ever, we will be sharing important information related to your eCommerce business. The purpose is to generate automated product descriptions using AI to boost your retail SEO.

Let’s get started.

Unbeatable Impact of eCommerce Product Descriptions

 “A concise, well-written, & targetted product description showcase authenticity of the brand. The SEO-friendly description appears on top of the search engine page results and allows you to appear on the first page of Google”.

You have an eCommerce business to sell more products that include writing product descriptions as an effective part of the strategy. Thus, it is important for you to include the important features, USP, and characterization in your copy.

However, writing copies for hundreds & thousands of products & too updating after some time is a cumbersome task. That’s like a forever task of writing for an eCommerce business that might keep you away from the competition.

Therefore, the solution lies in automating the task PD (product description) writing with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

Simple Steps to Create Impactful SEO Product Descriptions Using AI

From digitally transforming businesses, providing Software as a Service (SaaS), to virtual reality, AI is everywhere. It is rapidly changing the facet of eCommerce and pushes it to the limit.

“Artificial Intelligence has the potential to increase 70% of the eCommerce sales and 5% or more of revenue model”.

 When it comes to enhancing the SEO of the retail platform, there is nothing better than leveraging AI. Specifically, generate cost-effective and fully optimized PD using the subfield of AI i.e Natural Language Generation.

NLG: Natural Language Generation is a subset of AI technology. It creates helpful and unique content as per the requirement of your business. NLG uses the power of data inputs to generate specific content including keywords, USP, features, etc.

 Use NLG to Create Content in Three Easy Steps:

* Prepare the Data: With data means the product features you have that appear to be the main element for NLG to read.

* PD Template: Instead of writing more than hundreds of product descriptions differently. Create one appropriate template and allows NLG to fill in the gaps.

 * Create the Narratives: Use a specific tone or language while creating the copies effectively. Use NLG to get a mix of factual, data-based, and compelling content copies.

Additional Steps to Keep in Mind

Now, that you know, how simple it is for you to generate engaging and persuasive copies using AI. Still, there lie few important things to keep in mind.

* Use the template to generate several product descriptions templates.

* AI helps to replace the duplicate content with original information to maintain SEO value.

* The technology itself using different aspects of synonymous to use for similar products of different categories. For example, using “affordable” for an HD television and “cost-effective” for the TV in a bigger size.

* Create comparable content for products of different brands.

* Create functions like minimum and maximum sort values.

* Describe the benefits of products in the description.

* Automatically maintain the ratio of keywords to make them search-friendly.

Step-By-Step Way AI Generates SEO-Friendly Content

After knowing how to use AI for an eCommerce business to create hundreds to thousands of descriptions. Next, refer to the following step-by-step process.

* Step 1: Once your eCommerce SEO provider collects the data and creates the template, the next is to finally create the content.

* Step 2: AI creates the product descriptions using all the collected attributes.

* Step 3: Find several descriptions created automatically with your selected eCommerce-related keywords.

* Step 4: NLG changes the text with semantic text automatically. It makes all the descriptions quite unique from one another.

* Step 4: Now, you are ready with easy-to-use descriptions for the online retail platform and see effective results ahead.


In short, you have the power to enhance your eCommerce business to an optimum extent. Instead of using the same old SEO tactics, rely on artificial intelligence technology to automate tasks like creating descriptions. Get in touch with the pioneer eCommerce SEO service company and start leveraging the power of AI & NLG. Simply create attractive description copies to get an ideal ranking on the search engine page results and experience a higher conversion rate.

What are you waiting for? Be a part of the eCommerce and technology trends to increase retail product sales & enhance revenue.


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