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The vision of Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for social welfare, is to uplift the sustenance conditions of less privileged ones battling against the cruelties existing in the society. Hindrise Foundation gives wings to its mission of assisting empty-stomach, disadvantaged people in such a way that even the most basic of lifestyles become accessible to them. The aim of Hindrise Foundation, is to improve the living conditions of those who are less fortunate in society while battling against the injustices that exist. The Hindrise Foundation is centred on the concept of “Venture Philanthropy.”” Endeavoring to gain philanthropic goals, we’re addressing the most authentic problems that our country and it is negative and unlucky nationals are going through each day.

Hindrise is dedicated to educating society’s citizens not just about their rights, but also about their responsibilities. You will have greater obligations if you have more rights. Responsibilities to preserve the dignity and integrity of human life and to counter violations of human rights.

Hindrise is recognising the fact that if the current generation is properly educated, awareness will trickle down to the following generation. Hindrise has been hosting Awareness Camps, Nukkad Nataks, Community Outreaches, and other events to achieve this goal. We are confident that our hard effort will be rewarded one day.

Hindrise Believes *If you want to empower someone, provide him/her appropriate work opportunities*. Financial inclusion is also an important aspect to take into consideration. Hindrise has started a project namely “ Aavahan” to train to community members in various skills. This skill development program is based on their interests and capabilities. This initiative not only will increase employment but also it may build a strong network of the workforce too.

Our society’s discriminating climate still affects half of the population, whom we refer to as women. Nonetheless, they struggle for equal opportunities, rights, and responsibilities. They’ve been going through a period of identity crisis. Their lack of participation in decision-making makes them more susceptible. Hindrise is making every effort to monetarily, economically, socially, culturally, and psychologically empower them.

To date, Hindrise has provided 2.5 lakh rupees in groceries to diverse groups of people. Hindu refugees from Pakistan are among them. More than 150 families in the Majnu ka Tila (Delhi) neighbourhood have benefited from food distribution. A month’s worth of raw rations has been distributed to them. Drug mafias are rumoured to be active in this area. One of these factors necessitates the implementation of a series of assistance programmes. We are making every effort to contribute to the growth of this sector.

Besides this, our NGO for social welfare is-

  • Empowering all the economically backward people facing numerous challenges in the poverty-stricken societies
  • Ensuring active participation of underprivileged children in educational and cultural activities
  • Striving to become the chief support and platform for the development of marginalized communities
  • Engaging volunteers to work for the brighter future of people living under reduced circumstances
  • Dispensing all the necessary resources to the individuals to make them relish all the privileges of life
  • Endorsing human rights and most especially the rights of deprived children and youth
  • Upholding the rights of impoverished groups and populations so that they can tread the path that would help them restore their lives
  • Imparting meaningful education with the assistance of various educational bodies by providing classroom facilities, enhancing and developing the curriculum, and serving the different forms of learning opportunities to change the fortune of victimized and indigent children
  • Encouraging development in the area of healthcare and conducting regular health check-up as our NGO for social welfare, Hindrise Foundation believes that health is the deciding factor of a Nation’s ascent at all the fronts
  • Enabling below the poverty line communities to access the government schemes benefits that they deserve to acquire
  • Creating a paradise for children down on their luck so that they can attain their right to advancement and survival
  • Envisioning a setting that would nourish entrepreneurship and innovative thought processes
  • Rendering assistance in the hours of disaster-related emergencies and providing long-term solutions to survivors of various types of natural calamities and disaster
  • Serving a better life to the disadvantaged elderly senior citizens & abandoned women by enhancing their vitality and well-being

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