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Helpful Tips for Installing Architectural Roof Shingles

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A roof is indeed the most important part of a home. If you do not maintain it in good condition, you are compromising on the safety of your beautiful home and loved ones. To keep your roof in good condition, you need to take proper measures. And when the maintenance is out of the question, you should consider complete remodeling of the roof. 

Renovating your roof not only helps with energy efficiency, but it can also provide a sense of security for your family and improve the look of your home. Learning how to install architectural roof shingles is a relatively simple process and can save you time and money in the long run. In this guide, you will learn how to safely attach a roof in just a few steps.

Can You Do It Yourself

Your roof protects your home and keeps you safe from sun, winds, and rains. But if it needs repair, then it is quite a task. No doubt roofing is a hard job, and if you are thinking of installing a roof yourself, try the following, get a ladder, and get on your roof. Look at the overall condition and see if you can repair the roof on your own or not. If you can not handle this then hire a professional roofing service. But if you think you can do this, just give it a try. Prepare the gear and read this guide to start working.

Safety Always first 

Before you begin, stock up on your safety gear. Items like a hard hat, work gloves, and a tool belt can help keep you protected on the roof. When gathering your roofing supplies, consider other items like goggles, a support belt, and a pair of work boots. If possible, ask a partner to work with you when laying shingles. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your shingles. 

Get A Complete User Manual

Whether you’re installing shingles yourself or hiring a roofing contractor, one of the most important things is to follow strict manufacturer guidelines. This manual tells everything about the proper installation of shingles and also ensures that your roof is waterproof. Additionally, each manufacturer has specific guidelines that they need to confirm that their product works. If you hire a roofing service contractor, tell them to follow instructions.

Prepare Your Roof For New Shingles 

Before installing roofing materials, make sure the roof deck is smooth, securely attached to joists, dry, and has no gaps or holes. If you have a clean, flat deck, the new shingle will sit properly and the roof will look smooth and flat.

Tear Off The Old Shingles 

It is impossible to install new flashing and when removing existing shingles, remove old nails, or flatten them. The nails that stick out will poke holes in your new shingles. If you have moving items near your home and you are concerned they might get damaged, move them. Buy a net to protect your plants and landscaping because thousands of nails will rain from the roof. It can be impossible to remove an old shingle’s adhesiveness from ice and water, but it’s okay if you have to leave it in place. And if possible, have the rented trash can park near the house so that you can dispose of old shingles right from the roof.

Now Install The Edge

Install the drip edge or simply the edge on the gable ends of the roof after you finish installing your underlayment. Start at the bottom side of the gable, and overlap the sections of drip edge a few inches as you work your way up the roof. Use tin snips to cut the drip edge according to the shingle size.

Final Say!

These are a few steps that will help you but keep in mind roofing is not an easy task. You need proper training, gear, and equipment to install a new roof. If you think it is beyond your limit then contact a professional roofing contractor. They will install the roof without giving you any headache.


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