Handling the Miscommunication and Security Concerns of the Supply Chain

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The global logistics industry is vast and keeping the operations always smooth and in motion offers a large number of challenges. Overcoming all the obstacles on the way is a tough task, and for which technology can prove to be a boon for sure. Most of the world’s cargo today is shipped in containers or vessels that have their own set of hindrances and obstacles. However, the availability of the new-age container tracking solutions for container tracking Cosco and DP world container tracking has resolved the shippers’ problems to a large extent. 

As a shipper, the most effective and efficient remedy that you have in your hands is the power of techno-rich container tracking solutions that help you in tracking the movement of your containers traveling across the globe. Proper tracking not only helps you avoid unpleasant surprises but also reduces the risks associated with the containers. Real-time and end-to-end visibility achieved through the facility of container tracking Cosco and DP world container tracking is what makes all this possible. 

This article sheds light on some of the most common challenges that shippers confront while their vessels travel across the globe:


In a well-connected modern world where everyone wants to have real-time visibility over the status of the shipments, communication is what matters most in the entire supply chain management system. Modern container tracking facilities for container tracking Cosco and DP world container tracking enable you to have real-time access to your vessels, and as a result, you can keep your customers stay well-informed about the status of the containers. This unprecedented transparency eliminates the scope for any kind of miscommunication.

Security concerns throughout

All containers before reaching their final destination need to pass through the hands of so many people on the way, and this concern gets more crucial when they are on long-distance journeys. Goods security is always a serious concern with these containers as each shipment tends to go from one hand to another for loading, unloading, and storage. This can go very wrong if there is no visibility.

With the availability of container tracking Cosco and DP world container tracking facilities, shippers can be aware of each milestone their containers achieve through real-time movement and assess even the goods inside containers while making sure their vessels are reaching the right destination at the right time. What’s more, if shippers sense any security concerns, they can raise the alarm to alert the personnel handling the vessels. This way, timely actions can prevent various unwanted incidents. 

Concluding Remarks 

Be it container tracking Cosco or DP world container tracking, NICDC Logistics Data Services (NLDS), formerly DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) deployment of Logistics Databank System (LDB) has emerged as one of the most reliable container tracking systems in India for improving the overall performance of the logistics chains in India. Currently, the system is covering 100% of India’s container volume, and so far, over 30 million containers in the country have been tracked using the LDB services.

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