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Guide on How to Make Floral Hoop Wreath

Candlestick Centerpiece for Flowers
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In today’s time, one of the favourite trends is gorgeous floral hoop wreaths that are made out of fresh flower blooms. Now you can bring the sights of spring indoors with the help of a captivating as well as stunning hoop wreath. There are many ways where you can use floral hoop wreaths right from your wedding or to any special event. Be it a bouquet alternative, decorative chair décor or as a centrepiece, floral hoop wreath can be utilized in a number of ways. 

Spring is one of the best times to bring some bright decors in your home and change your décor. As flower blooms, add a beautiful hoop wreath to your spring décor. The hoop wreath is sure to make a cherry addition to your spring décor. You can also get an amazing collection of floral hoop wreath from florist manilaBelow stated are some easy tips for how to make a floral wreath step by step in just 15 minutes.  

For making this floral wreath you need to pick up a few things that are easily available in the market. Along with your basic needs for making a wreath, you also need to select the faux greenery as well as floral to attach. 

Here is a list of everything which you require for making a perfect as well as captivating hoop wreath with flowers.  

Three to five faux flowers; you can use a combination of peonies as well as ranunculus Sprays of faux leaves, while you can also use the leaves from the flowers all you need to do is just separate them 

12″ wood embroidery hoop

Wire cutters

Floral wire

1 1/2″ ribbon for hanging 

Gold spray paint though it is completely optionally

Let us now see step by step for making a floral hoop wreath 

Step 1 

The very step involved in making a floral hoop wreath is to spray paint your embroidery hoop. You can go for a satin gold colour or any other colours as per your choice. The satin gold colour often adds a more modern touch to your wreath. But you are to leave your natural or spray it any colour you have on hand. 

Therefore, try to keep your wreath natural as it looks more eye-catchy.

 Step 2 

Now the next step is to separate the flowers as well as leaves from the stems. This will assist you to work in smaller sections as well as get just the right look. You can cut the flower stems to about 2″ in length for your perfect floral hoop wreath. 

Step 3

In step 3, you need to place the leaves down first on the embroidery hoop and then start layering the flowers on top for the wreath. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Keep on playing with it until it appears right to you. Once you are done with it, secure each section with the help of floral wire.  

Wrap the floral wire around the stems in order to secure the groupings in place. To prevent the flowers from falling forward or down, you can use some hot glue.  

Step 4 

Last but not least, start looping your ribbon around the top of the embroidery hoop and you can also use this ribbon to hang your wreath. 

Therefore, these are some of the easy steps used for making captivating floral hoop wreath at home. Use this floral hoop wreath to enhance the beauty of your home and fetch amazing compliments from your near and dear ones. 

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