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For commercial hospitality consulting services, it is very important to hire the right type of consultant. One such Consultant based out of New Delhi has been creating wonders for the last few decades.

If you want to build a posh Food & Beverage Facility for your guests and provided them with luxurious hospitable services you may choose FSD India.

FSD India is a brand name that is trusted throughout India and the world. The company has many domestic clients as well as foreign clients.

With its set of kitchen planners, safety professionals, hospitality consultants and engineers, FSD India is a well-recognized name and has been working with many big and small clients for more than two decades in hotel consulting services.

What can you hire FSD India for?

You can hire the company’s hotel consultants like engineers, plannrers, and safety experts for consultancy regarding the planning, design, and building of your F&B facility.

The company has designed commercial kitchens, cafeterias, lounges, restaurants, hotels, front of the house areas of large malls and shopping centers, kitchens of large restaurants, etc.

The team at Food Service Design India can give you the best expert advice and will also work closely with you to ensure the work is done in the right way. You can also hire them and plan your FOH kitchens, bars, pubs, and BOH kitchens.

They can also provide you with consulting, designing, and planning of all the laundry area, front offices, HR office, office canteens, medical room, etc.

It also does the designing and planning work for the GM office, EAM’s office, sales and marketing offices, banquet and sales services, F&B offices, and so on.

Consult the Fire & Life Safety experts and make sure your facility is safe from hazards

One of the common problems for the facility owners is to provide proper safety and security from any threat and hazard.

You can hire the company’s hotel consultant safety experts and work closely with them and set up all the safety systems or integrate and embed them into the already existing systems within your facility.

You can install fire suppression systems, install kitchen refrigeration and also install all the latest technology for the food industry such as dishwashing equipment, mega ovens, kitchen chimneys, etc.

With their safety advice, you can build your facility which does not only look posh and luxurious and serves great comfort but also provides good security for both the guests and employees.

Can you consult them for the maintenance of your facility?

Apart from hospitality consulting services, you can also hire the professionals at FSD India for the maintenance of your facility. This includes regular safety, checks, regular maintenance, repairs, exchange, and other services.

With this, now you can hire FSD India for all your work in your facility. Right from the planning, design, and construction phase to repairing and maintenance, FSD India can do it all for you.

About the company

FSD India is one of the leading facility planners, hotel consultant and designers based in Delhi. It has been servicing domestic and international clients since 1994. Within its portfolio, you can get some of the big names in the hospitality industry that includes a wide range of hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and lounges.


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