Focus on the door handle and digital locks for your glass door

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What makes a glass door robust and safe? The use of proper solutions will make a glass door look elegant, as well as, safer for an office. The latest designs of the locks, door handles, door closers, and door panels constitute the ideal glass door for your asset. From choosing the right H type glass door handle to finding the best door lock, you need to ponder upon the latest technology and designs. Your asset’s glass door will be the window of the interior design. Hence, you need to focus on choosing these two prime elements for beauty and safety.

Glass door handles: Frameless H-Type

Door handles are the prime component installed in a glass door for closing and opening. A door handle tolerates heavy use in a busy commercial space every day. Hence, the use of robust door handles is mandatory for convenience.

One of the most popular door handles used these days is the H type glass door handle.  It has a unique design that does not need a frame to hold. Two handles are attached to the interior and exterior surface of a door. These handles support each other and give a smooth finish. The reasons for installing an H-Type glass door handle are:

  • It is a frameless design that gives an infinite look to a glass door making the room look more spacious.
  • This modern handle design does not harm the integrity of a glass door during installation and use.
  • The parts of this handle design can be easily installed and replaced. This design fits all kinds of door panel design and thickness without any hassle.

Digital electronic door locking system

How can you secure your office space? How can you manage personalized entry to a particular section of your office? The use of a digital electronic door lock manufactured by the top manufacturers will give you the best answer. It can also be used in a residential property. Digital door locks do not need a key. Only a digital password will open a door. It means that this password can only be shared with a specific group of people you want to provide access to.

This is how a top-quality digital electronic door lock can benefit you.

  • Digital door locks are not easily picked by burglars. It can also alarm the residents or owners when tampered with by a trespasser. Digital locks incorporate the best technologies that can be connected to your smart devices via IoT platforms. These locks can send notifications to your mobile when someone unauthorized is trying to enter. You can also provide a key by answering the request for entry digitally.
  • There is no need for keys in the future. Digital locks are the first step to a keyless journey to safety. Only the authorized persons will be able to enter the door by providing a numerical password. On the other hand, these locks do not need to be changed when the keys are lost. Only resetting the password will do.


Choose the best H type glass door handle for convenience. Add the safest digital lock for your asset’s security.

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