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Explore Tibet and Nepal through affordable and comprehensive tour packages

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Most of the travel agencies offer a variety of popular Tibet Tour packages that will cover most of the tourist destinations in the territory. Whether you would like to go on a cultural tour, enjoy the region’s natural and religion, or involve in some adventurous activities, these tour packages will allow you to spend your time in the way you want.

Although there are several things to do in this historical site, some of the most interesting things that you can involve yourself include a visit to the holy Lhasa city, or a tour from Lhasa to Mount Everest, and the overland tour from Lhasa to Kathmand, Nepal.

A lot of people choose to enter Tibet from Xining, which provides you a good chance to pay a visit in Xining city. The Xining tour is a comprehensive, informative, and an all-day fun trip. In this tour, you will be capable of exploring the charming and varied city on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. You will be visiting Kumbum, which is one of the biggest monasteries in Qinghai. You will also be visiting a conventional local marketplace and the Dongguan Mosque. You can explore Xining, the capital city of Qinghai throughout the day.

If you would like to explore Tibet completely, then you can choose the Lhasa to the Mount Everest tour through one of the most affordable and popular Tibet Tour Packages. This is an 8-day classic tour, through which you will be capable of enjoying the thrilling experience of the visit to Mount Everest. This will offer you a lifetime memory, as you will be enjoying the great sunrise and sunset. You can enjoy witnessing the most gorgeous landscapes, the vast field, unlimited grassland, snow-covered mountains, and eye-catching lakes while you are traveling from Lhasa to Mt. Everest.

If you want to explore Tibet within a short time, you can opt for the 6-days Lhasa-Shigatse Golden Route Tour. Through this tour, you will not only be visiting the artistic attractions of Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse. You can also enjoy witnessing the beautiful architecture of ancient Buddhist pagodas, besides enjoying the stunning variety of mountains, lakes, and plains in the countryside.

If you want to explore Nepal when you are touring around Tibet, you can choose a range of affordable join-in Tibet to Nepal tour packages. They are available in different day slabs, ranging from a short 4-day to 12-day tours in different price ranges. You can choose the preferred one according to your available time and budget.

A trip to Nepal from Tibet is a classic tour driving through China-Nepal Friendship Highway. While traveling to Nepal, you will get an opportunity to witness the major historical sites of Tibet and the best as well as the most attractive natural landscape of the great Himalayan range. You will also be capable of taking pleasure in a stunning as well as thrilling roller-coaster ride along the Kathmandu valley. Booking the Tibet to Nepal tour will allow you to experience an interesting culture as well as impressive nature.

The best time to visit Nepal is from April to June and from September to Octoberevery year. This is because the golden travel season will commence in Nepal during these months.

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