Expertise Of A Trademark Attorney In Dallas, TX Can Help You Avoid Trademark Office Rejections

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Who will be interested in again making the expanse and spend time to file for trademark registration for a new brand name and then get rejected? Being an amateur entrepreneur, you may not be aware of the fact that 75% of the application for trademark registration are initially getting rejected by the concerned authority. This is why it seems important to work with an experienced trademark attorney in Dallas, TX during the trademark application and registration process.

The legal advice of a qualified trademark attorney is important when protecting your company’s intellectual property. He will advise on many important legal issues and also navigate you through to accompany the complicated process of getting your mark officially get registered. Whether you are just beginning to consider filing your trademark or you have begun the process, but don’t know how to overcome the process without getting into any trouble, taking the legal assistance of an experienced trademark attorney in Dallas can help you throughout the registration process of your mark.

Potential legal issues with which a trademark lawyer in Dallas can assist you the best, include:

  • Help you determine whether your proposed trademark is already available for registration
  • Making you aware of the appropriate process for filing your trademark for timely and successful registration
  • Advise you as to which aspects of your brand need trademark registration (for protecting it from getting copied or use) and which don’t.
  • Drafting the highlights of goods or services that gives you the broadest protection for your trademark, while avoiding the loopholes for rejection by the concerned authority.
  • Selecting the acceptable specimen of use to show the registration authority when your trademark is used in commerce while avoiding the probabilities for the rejection.
  • Make sure that your application for the registration of your trademark is filed correctly from the scratch as per the requirements, so you don’t forfeit filing fees later.
  • Effectively respond to “office actions” (rejections of your application by the registration authority) that may be issued against your trademark registration application.
  • Defend your trademark if any third parties decide to challenge it or raise any doubts or questions.
  • Helps you exercise your trademark rights whenever required in the best possible legal manner.
  • Ensure your trademark registration remains valid by preparing and filing all necessary maintenance documents on-time.

Trademarks are the backbone of your business brand. They are the one which distinguishes your brand from competitors and identifies your company as the source of your goods/services. Hiring a trademark lawyer in Dallas will be the best decision you’ll ever make as he will help to ensure that your brand is strong and lasting by analyzing your logo and company name to identify the strength and weaknesses of those marks, and developing a long-term trademark protection strategy.

Once you started treating your brand as a business asset, not a liability, you’ll soon realize the importance of getting your mark registered as well as the need of a highly skilled and experienced trademark lawyer.

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