Expert Suggested Guide For Buying Meraki Stacking Cable

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Meraki Compatible MA-CBL-100G-2M QSFP28 to QSFP28 Twinax Stacking CableWhen you are standing in the networking world, you will find buying a quality-centric Meraki stacking cable is not easy as it may sound. All the stacking cables may look the same, but in reality, they have vast differences in the form of features, quality, and durability. You now have plenty of options when it comes to buying Meraki networking cables that may differ from vendor to vendor.

However, more choices do not always bring 100% quality-centric Merali cables. It has been reported in the recent research that there are hundreds of poor network-enabled cables have been available in the market that gets breakdown after a certain time. Choosing the right Meraki stacking cable can be an overwhelming task, and to help you here we have mentioned the expert-recommended guide for buying the best Meraki networking enabled stacking cable.

Key Features To Consider

Quality-centric Meraki cables enable to set up of reliable and unbreakable connections to the server. Key aspects like type, performance, connectivity, durability, and more will affect the choice for choosing the Meraki cable. So, knowing the detail of these key aspects will help you make an informed decision so you can buy the right Meraki cable that will also be compatible with the server.

  • Category & Compatibility- To come across the best Meraki cable, you will first have to know the specifications of an ideal cable, including cable type and speed pass on through the cable. However, the network cable types you need are determined by the level of speed of the internet that you have taken the subscription to. There would be no sense to install a high-speed cable wire if you are not using the high-speed internet connection for setting up compatibility with the speed of the cable and take advantage of its full potential.
  • Copper conductor- The material of the cable, specifically copper conductor will have a huge impact on the performance of the cable. There are plenty of copper Meraki cables available, including copper-clad aluminum wires and oxygen-free copper wires. However, the major difference lies when it comes to determining the purity of the copper in the cables. The purity of the copper cable has been directly linked to the quality and performance of the cable. Keep one thing in mind that the purer the quality of the copper is the high-quality signal for the SFP 28 SR optical module you will receive in your data center. Thus, for better connectivity and less signal loss, you should go with oxygen-free copper wire with 99.99% purity of the copper.
  • Connectors of the stacking cable- The material of the connector also plays a major role in assuring the maintenance of the constant supply of the signal to the server. For the conductivity, both silver and aluminum are considered extremely oxidizable, whereas gold is considered hardly oxidized when exposed to the environment. Thus, gold is considered an ideal material for the connector to achieve a strong and lasting server connection.

After determining the key things to consider when buying the right Meraki cable for SFP connectivity, you can come across different Meraki stacking cable suppliers. Always choose the Meraki networking cable vendor committed to offering after-sales services if there’s any disruption incurred in the server.

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