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From single sim cardsto dual and triple sim cards, the realm of mobile phones has witnessed a surprising evolution. For businesspeople, holding two or threenumbersallows them to have multiple identities at once. But at the same time, it can be cumbersome.

How about owning a business with a single phone number, that too, without disclosing it to anyone?Is it possible to keep your phone number private while making professional calls from it?

Well, if you wish to escape from the hassles of carrying multiple phones – one for business, one for home, and one for friends, then visit Vumber, a remarkable platform endeavoring to add a business line to your phone. With this intelligently-designed platform, you can get free business numbers to cater to all your business calling needs.

This post will throw some light on various significant aspects of Vumber, which are pivotal for expanding your business to a great extent.

So, let’s dive deep into it!

Prominent Features Of Vumber

  • You can MAKE & RECEIVE calls using your Vumber.
  • LOCAL & TOLL-FREE business numbers are available easily.
  • Best-in-class WEB PORTAL to manage your Vumbers efficiently.
  • Support for TEXT MESSAGING as well as FAX RECEIPT.
  • You can enjoy INSTANT SETUP.
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY PLANS starting from $9.95.
  • There is also a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL where no credit card is required.
  • WIDE OPTIONS like voicemail, recording, transcription, international calling, advanced call routing, and customization.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose A Vumber: The very first step is to ‘Sign Up’ and choose a Vumber according to the area code of your choice.
  2. Receiving A Vumber: The platform will provide you with a Vumber to add a business line to your phone.
  3. Linking: After getting your Vumber, just link it to your cell phone, work phone, home phone, or any other phone you have.
  4. Make & Receive Calls: Now, having your ultra-new Vumber, you can make and receive calls using it.

No matter whether you are in the eCommerce business, owning a big B2B company, or you are just a casual day-to-day customer, Vumber will never disappoint you in terms of flexibility and security. Although Vumber is a virtual phone number, it works exactly like a real number.  You can easily make and receive calls without even hindering the work and performance of your existing numbers.

When your customers will call you on your Vumber, your phone number will not be revealed and it will appear to them like they are calling on a real number. All the calls will be automatically transferred to your personal number that has been registered with the service. Moreover, if you wish to call from your Vumber, it is very easy! Just dial your Vumber and then dial the number you wish to connect with. This will help you to connect with your customers without disclosing your private phone number to them.


What Can You Do With The Calls?

With Vumber, you will have full-fledged control on how to handle the calls. When your customers will call you, you can do any one of the following:

  • Answer calls
  • Send calls to Vumbermail
  • Provide a busy signal to the customers
  • Let them listen to the custom message you have created
  • Let them listen that your number is out of service

Benefits For Business Expansion

  • Hassle-Free Handling OfBusiness Calls: No one would like to carry multiple phones, isn’t it so? Using Vumber, you can easily bifurcate your personal and professional lives on a single phone.
  • Instant & Free Business Phone Number: In this fast-pacing world, where competition is rising day by day and time is moving faster due to rapid digitization, no business can afford any kind of delay. Vumber allows you to have your free business numbers instantlyso that you can start growing your business right then.
  • Higher Flexibility: As Vumber allows you to handle calls in multiple ways (like sending calls to Vumbermails, letting customers listen to the custom messages you have created, providing a busy signal,and much more), it offers higher control and flexibility to its users.
  • Top-Notch Web Portal: Whether you wish to manage your calls, Vumbers, or voicemails, Vumber’s web portal has it all from call history and exporting call records to return calls and listening voice mails. Moreover, the platform is also optimized for Android, iPhone, and Windows smart devices.
  • Privacy Protection: Without putting your personal or private number at risk, Vumber allows you to fill in those “phone number” sections without any hesitation, doubt, or worry.

Bottom Line

No matter where and when you want to connect with the world for your business expansion, Vumber’s services provide full protection and control for online or offline business connections. Without disclosing your personal number, Vumber manages to lead your business to the path of success in a safe manner!

Enjoy your total control – your Vumber!


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