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Everything you need to know about Homemade Mayonnaise Hair Masks

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The most popular reason for using mayonnaise on hair is to strengthen and improve hair growth. Mayonnaise contains various viscosities which makes it penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, resulting in increased porosity (more surface area for transfer of physical stimuli) along with the assistance of sebum production. This results in an increased hair shine and also aids in the removal of natural hair colour. 

Mayonnaise hair mask is said to work by moisturizing the hair as it soaks into the strands. This is an alternative treatment that can potentially leave your locks soft and smooth after just one application. 

Mayonnaise Hair Masks Increase Moisture

Oil is the main ingredient in mayonnaise. It typically consists of soybean oil, canola along with egg yolks, vinegar, and lemon juice. Other brands may contain additional ingredients such as canola or soybean oil. Mayonnaise is primarily oil, which could potentially benefit curly or wavy hair types that usually lack the natural oil called sebum. 

If your hair is naturally straight, you don’t need to add any oils because the sebum from the scalp can spread throughout the rest of the hair.

Mayonnaise Hair Masks Make Less Frizz


Mayonnaise can help balance moisture levels in your hair. It also has the potential to reduce frizz caused by humidity and dryness. In order to avoid damaging your hair, it’s important to practice proper hair care techniques such as avoiding the overuse of heated styling tools and rubbing hair dry in spite of patting it dry.

Mayonnaise Hair Masks Make Stronger hair

Blogs and websites report that mayonnaise allegedly protects color treatments and strengthens your hair. However, this claim may not be entirely accurate as there’s not enough scientific research examining its effects. Mayonnaise primarily consists of oil, so it doesn’t have enough other ingredients to make such an impact.

Mayonnaise Hair Masks Make Hair grow


A hair mask made from mayonnaise is also said to be able to make your hair grow. The amino acid in mayonnaise called L-cysteine is responsible for this effect.  A study on menopausal women found that the amino acid L-cysteine is important in making keratin, a type of protein that makes hair strong and helps it grow. 

L-cysteine is also effective in combination with vitamin B-6, which can help to improve the absorption of nutrients that are important for hair growth, including zinc and iron. The study focused on L-cysteine in dietary supplements and in food, not on applying it directly to the hair via mayonnaise. There is no research on whether a mayonnaise hair mask can promote hair growth.

Mayonnaise Hair Masks Might Be A Natural Lice Treatment

Some people claim that mayonnaise can be used for hair, treating head lice, and such. They say that it can suffocate head lice, just like butter or margarine would do. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a trusted source that has not affirmed the validity of these claims. There are also treatments that involve mayonnaise. If you mix mayonnaise with your hair to make an anti-lice treatment, it could lull the lice into inactivity, but that doesn’t mean they’re dead.

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