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Hub of E Rickshaw Charger manufacturing
The striking feature of Electric Vehicle (EV) is that it can be charged at home/parking/hotel/business and any of them can install EV Charging Station. We at ChargeMyGaadiTM analysed the need and are into this, along with Government this could be achieved in a blink of an eye. We are into the process of popularizing the concept of community EV Charging stations which comes at a very viable cost, we are also manufacturing premium battery chargers for eBikes, eCycles and E Rickshaw charger manufacturer.

Awareness of technological trends, building solutions for technological advancement, cost-effective batteries and allied services in EV industry like installation of charging stations along with Govt participation post Covid-19 will give a pace to this sector. We as a country have enough potential to lead the world and building ourselves as a E Rickshaw Charger manufacturing hub in coming years.

With compact and rugged design we are offering 3.3kW AC Charging pile (EVSE) for home, Corporate, fleets and parking lots. It is mobile controlled and can be charged with just four clicks and tracking your usage. This is for the 2W, 3W and 4W with class 1.0 energy meter for billing and invoicing, have a built in self-diagnose for predictive maintenance. The usual time to deliver a charging station to any segment is of 4-6 weeks.

ChargeMyGaadi is dealing with the commercial as well as consumer segment. We are providing a common platform for all the stakeholders of e-mobility businesses to operate efficiently and effectively. We came up with different charging stations to cater to every single need of society- Slow Charging Stations, Medium Charging Stations, Fast charging Stations and Solar powered Charging Stations.

The running cost of E-rickshaw is only 0.4/km as compared to 2.1-2.3/km for the conventional ICE based rickshaws. Non-polluting and zero-emission E-rickshaw will be leading India’s EV revolution. E-mobility transition in India is spearheaded by the ubiquitous e-rickshaw, a small vehicle segment yet contributing a major bunch of opportunities for the EV growth. The e-rickshaw is the preferred commute for the office-goers or in and around the metro stations for the populated pockets.

The e-rickshaw is highly preferred during the Pandemic when one has to go with social distancing. E-rickshaw battery charger supplier have gained tremendous kick during Covid-19 as one has to comply with the new normal routine. India is a hub of 1.5 million battery E-rickshaw with increased number in E Rickshaw Battery Charger Supplier, catering to over 60 million population every day, for whom cost-effective and affordable shared mobility is critical. From the past few years for the Tier-I and Tier-II cities E-rickshaw forms a vital part of commute in EV ecosystem.

Cities like Lucknow, Varanasi, Dehradun, Ranchi, Patna and Udaipur are the major cities for E-mobility and cities like Delhi, Noida and Gurugram are the eco-friendly last mile commute options for users. The upfront cost of vehicle as compared to auto-rickshaw is much lower, cost incurred by commuters for their daily travel is much lower and time taken by e-rickshaw compared to traditional rickshaw is even less, all these factors contributed the popularity of Electric rickshaw in India. Conversion of all rickshaw to e-rickshaw bought EV promotion in India and it will lead to the complete transition of mobility with a tremendous increase in E Rickshaw Battery Charger suppliers.

Early in 2000 bought the lead acid batteries in e-rickshaw, which has low purchase cost but high maintenance cost. In the 2017, e-rickshaw came up with use of Lithium-ion batteries, being far more efficient, high durability, sustainable, economical for the vehicle users and in all beneficial for the country.

There is only a difference between the cost of lead acid and lithium-ion, but in terms of capacity, depth of discharge, efficiency and life span, Lithium-ion batteries comes into the scenario. New business models are emerging into the scenario for the uptake of this technology and will boost the manufacturing units in building and focusing more on E Rickshaw battery charger suppliers.

Till December 30, 2019 there were 150 charging stations in India, looking into need of the hour Government of India has targeted an ambitious move towards setting up EV charging station at every 3km in cities and at every 25km on both the sides of highways. If we take a closer look that how the Chinese handled this conundrum, we will be able to handle this for our nation as well.

The initial thrust was made by the Chinese government by funding the EV Charging Station and then later they invited private investment into the sector. The Indian Government has also de-licensed the public charging stations for EVs enabling investors to extend with limited tariff. E Rickshaw Charger manufacturing have a big chunk of segment to be handled effectively to build the trust in Indian market of EV. E Rickshaw is the one complete market as compared to eCycle and E Rickshaw charger manufacture.

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