Door Parts: Every Single Element Of Door Is Explained in Detail

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When it comes to the renovation of a house, the door also forms an important part. If you want to make a huge impact by spending less, then replacing your old door with a new one is highly beneficial. It is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your home. 

Before you start the door replacement project, it is very important to understand different parts of the door in detail. Let’s study the different parts of the door which are explained below:

1. Door Frame

The door frame is the big framework that is responsible for providing support to the door, including the head, jamb, and sill. It is also known as a door sash. 

Usually, the door frames are made up of aluminum or wood and they are designed in such a way that they integrated seamlessly with your home. The door frame size helps to determine the precise size of the door that will fit in between the frame.

2. Sill, Door Jamb, Head, and Panel

The bottom of the door frame has termed the door sill. On the door sill, the door frame is in place and it bears the weight of the door. The door sill is the lowest part of the door frame and it rests on the floor. 

The door jambs are like the sides of the door frame which run vertically. It holds the door from both the left and right sides. The head of the door is the top piece of the door frame and it runs horizontally. It covers the top parts of the door. 

3. Astragal And Fixed Panel

The pair of doors which you have installed in the entry point, then astragal is the vertical piece which is between them, from the sill to the head of the door frame. In the pair of doors, the fixed panel is that part of the door which is fixed and does not open or close.

4. Door Sweep

The door sweep can be described as the weather stripping placed at the bottom of the door. It forms a seal between the door sill and door frame. 

5. Threshold

The threshold of the door can be described as the transition from the door sill to the floor of the room. The threshold can be described as the decorative element which is simple or decorative, based on the style of your door.

6. Transom

The transom can be described as the horizontal beam which helps in separating the door from the window above it or fanlight.

7. Strike Plate

It is placed on the door jamb when the bolt meets with the hole for the bolt. It is a small size metal plate that is precisely integrated with the door jamb.

8. Sidelight

The sidelights can be described as the fixed glass panels which are integrated into both sides of the door or either side of the door. These large size narrow windows allow a huge amount of light inside the door.

9. In-swing or out-swing

Based on your home structure and your needs, you have to decide the direction of swinging. If you want to make your door swing inside, then in-swing is used. 

On the other hand, if you want to swing your door outside, the out-swing is used. This part of the door helps in choosing the direction of the swing.

Door Knobs and Hardware:

Along with the main door main parts, some main door accessories form the part of the door. These accessories are described below:

  • Knob

The doorknob is installed in the door for easy opening and closing of the door. The doorknobs are available in various types of material like rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and antique brass.

  • Hinge

Hinge can be described as the jointed device that pins the door panel. The hinge allows the easy movement of the door while opening and closing it. 

When it comes to door hinges, then there are different types and styles available in the market. Some of the top hinges are as follows: pivot hinge, concealed hinge, barrel hinge, barn door hinges, etc.

  • Foot Bolt

It is a type of lock which is installed at the bottom of the door. It is operated by the foot and that’s why it is used in the sliding patio doors.

  • Key Lock

When it comes to key lock, there are enormous choices and you can choose the right one. While choosing the key lock for the door, you should ensure the safety of the door. You can take suggestions from professionals while choosing the key lock. 

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