Data Analytics As Career Opportunity

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As said in the today’s time, data is the new fuel. Do you wonder how Amazon displays the list of recommendations of your favourite jeans when you buy a t-shirt or your specifically designed playlist based on the past songs you played? This is the power of data analytics and predictive algorithm the fuel which runs every sector today. Data us everywhere and is now part of our everyday world. Today there is a new surge in the interest of Data Analytics from IIM Rohtak as they pose new growth opportunities in the market.

Several IIM courses are designed specifically on data analytics and how to make best use of them. This skill is specifically useful for corporate professionals as they provide new growth opportunities in future. Nulearn provide all the professionals with a great opportunity to learn and earn a diploma course in Data Analytics from IIM Rohtak.

Here are the few reasons why to choose data analytics as a career

The future is here

There is a huge market when it comes to unstructured and semi structured data analytics. All the major organizations are working and analysing unstructured data sources including weblogs, social media, emails and others.

Several Job Opportunities:

There is a huge gap between the supply and demand in this field. They job requires skilled professionals for the job why can generate valuable insights from a sea of data. There is a huge surge in the job roles of data analysis in all the major and medium size industries.

According to in 2019 the demand was up to around 440,000 jobs, while supply was limited to just 300,000 skilled workers.

This poses a big opportunity for the young professionals who are good in number crunching.

High Salaries and career prospects:

Data Scientists today earn 20% more than an average IT professional. Adding on to that data analytic also provide high growth opportunities. The jobs require complex analytical reasoning and good with numbers.

According to an information week survey big data practitioners and data scientists are two emerging categories that, while their job descriptions are not consistently defined, are two titles at the top of the pay scale.

Growing new skillset:

Learning of new skills always up your game. This is because the economies of demand and supply comes to picture. With less supply and high demand, you can earn high salary. With Data Analytics providing an edge over the competition, the rate of implementation of the necessary Analytics tools has increased exponentially.

When it comes to Data Analytics tools, the adoption of Apache Hadoop framework continues to be the popular choice. Wanting to learn more about the program? Explore here!

Executive Certificate Program in Data Analytics using R & Python with IIM Rohtak is the key to the next wave of management innovation, productivity, and growth. This Data Analytics Course will discuss various real-world scenarios where Analytics has been used to solve business problems and also explains as to how it helps in different domains.


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